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  1. Jeremy, I prefer to use scale length planks and it helps in the shaped areas of your hull. I have attached a table of plank butts and pictures from my "Fair American" build. Pete
  2. All, We have relocated from Hancock, NH to our home in San Diego, CA. I have also kept busy with my full size 1:1 scale shipbuilding projects. I am now setting up my shop and hoping to return to modeling in the near future. First project will be to rig the Brigantine Newsboy 1854 and complete the 14 Gun Brig Fair American circa 1780. Regards, Pete
  3. Chuck, When carving the lower hull I secure the hull block to a reference board that provides a common baseline for station/profile templates. Shaping of decks and bulwarks is performed in a cradle that supports the model with the waterline level. Regards, Pete
  4. Hi Chuck, I would suggest the use of sharp gouge and chisels finished off with flexible sanding sticks. If the deck is low or lacks camber, you can build it up as shown below. You will find more pictures on carving and working with solid hulls in my Brigantine Newsboy of 1854 build log here at MSW. Regards, Pete
  5. I would suggest basswood or pine for filler blocks. Easy to shape but providing more support than balsa wood. See attached picture of my "Fair American" build. Regards, Pete
  6. Phil, The following pictures illustrate copper sheathing applied on my Brigantine "Newsboy" 1854 in 3/16" (1:64) scale. Copper sheathing was applied using Bluejacket self adhesive copper tape cut into individual 1/4" x 3/4" plates using a simple card cutter. I did not emboss a nail pattern due to the scale. Blue masking tape strips were used as an application guide. Regards, Pete
  7. Hi Michael, In my 14 Gun Brig "Fair American" build (here on MSW) I choose to use filler blocks to assist in hull fairing as well as providing improved support for planking. Filler blocks were bass wood glued to the bulkheads prior to hull assembly. Fairing was accomplished using 60 grit sandpaper wrapped around hardwood dowels. This approach was successful in providing a well faired hull from an inaccurate set of kit furnished bulkheads. I wood recommend bass wood or pine for filler blocks as its easy to work with but strong enough to support planking. Regards, Pete
  8. Dave, Several years ago I purchased a copy from B& for under $60, excellent condition. Regards, Pete
  9. Paulie-bag-a-donuts, Some time ago I posted the following notes on carving solid hulls: Regards, Pete
  10. Chuck, If there was sufficient interest there, I would like to see a series of quality mid 1800's American merchant sail. This is an interesting period of marine history and it played an inportant role in developing the United States economy. Additionally, the brigs, brigantines, packards, and clipper ships were beautiful ships. Key attributes for these kits would include: quality plans, quality instructions, quality fittings, and prime wood. Hull construction could be POB or POS. Fabrication of deck furniture, masts, spars could be left to the modeler. Regards, Pete
  11. Greg, The following pictures from my Newsboy build may be of assistance. As illustrated, the bulkwalk planks were heavly curved. Regards, Pete
  12. Vossy, My notes on coppering here at MSW can be found at the following link: Pete
  13. Moony, I prefer to scratch build or heavily kit bash my builds. My 1st wooden ship model build was a "Virginia Piolet Schooner" circa 1800. The model was built from the MS solid hull kit for the pilot schooner "Katy". Most kit materials were replaced, so it provided a basis for my future scratch building. This kit incuded excellent plans prepared by Jim Roberts. Regards, Pete
  14. Scale shipbuilding record to date: >>> Pilot Schooner "Katy" circa 1800, MS POS kit completed >>> Armed Virginia Sloop circa 1768, MS POB kit completed >>> Topsail Schooner "Eagle" 1847, scratch POS build completed >>> Briganitine "Newsboy" 1853, MS POS kit in process >>> Brig "Fair American, crica 1780, MS POB kit in process >>> Whaling Brig "Kate Cory" 1856, MS POS kit in planning >>> Merchant Brig "Volante" 1854, scratch POS build in planning Ship modeling has been on hold for several years due to work off site on 1:1 scale shipbuilding projects. I am now working in San Diego, so I hope to resume construction in the new year. Pete Shipbuilder
  15. Halbaby7, You will find pictures and helpful hints re working with solid hulls at my Brigantine "Newsboy" 1853 build log here at MSW. Regards, Pete