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  1. Hi Ben I have a 24x26 shop for woodworking and have basically the same equipment you do. I am on my second dust collector which is a 1.5 HP single stage, this works fine for what I use it for. I don't do as much woodworking as I used to so this works just fine. If I get another one I would probably go with a smaller cyclone type collector they are more efficient and easier to empty, especially if you do a lot of planing which creates lots of chips. For my modeling area which is in the house I use a Fein dust extractor which I just love. It is quiet and variable speed but more expensive than the typical shop vac. It is so much quieter than a shop vac which is great for inside the house. The dust deputy basically turns it into a two stage system catching almost all the dust and debris before getting to the vac keeping the filter cleaner and easy to empty. Don
  2. Thanks all After the last few years I am very excited getting back at it. I have a very supporting wife which helps a lot. I now leave the cell phone in another room and just check occasionally to see if someone actually needs me. I personally think they are highly overrated maybe I am just getting old and cranky. That seems to be the consensus of the kids. Don
  3. Thank you Richard is has been in the making for a long time. I have been adding to it for many years and trying to get all my toys before retirement while I am still working. Don
  4. Dr.Per - Yes you are correct in the corner is another table saw, it is an old MicroMark saw (about 25 years old) but about identical to the Proxxon. What you didn't see is all the stuff taped to the table getting it ready to go into deep storage only to be brought out in an extreme emergency. Tom - Yes this is one of the best deals I have gotten in a very long time and I'm sure I won't find one this good for a while. Don
  5. Chuck I am not sure why he did not edit his original post, he had all the correct information that is required of sellers. Granted if all that info was presented in the original post would have made things easier. I am very cautious when buying over the net and did not commit until I was sure of the transaction. After conversing with him several times and doing some vetting myself I was satisfied. I agree the format should be follwed especially since you and the moderators are very accommodating in helping people. I personally don't have a problem with a minimum of 25 or so post even though I dont have many posts, it really doesn't take to long to get them. I am sure that yourself and the moderators would have no problem working with the occasional person selling off stuff from an elderly parent or an estate as sooner or later this will happen to most of us, uunfortunately. Don
  6. Just to let everyone know the offer was legitimate. When I inquired about the offer he sent pictures and answered all my question and was a very pleasant gentleman to deal with. I think the tools as of the original post were packed up and in storage. He also offered PayPal sent as goods. The tools are unpacked and setup in my office where I do most of my building. Photos of the items bought With extra saw blades, belt, blank insert, taper jig, mic extended fence, extended miter gauge I realize I have few post but you can check out my post in new members, and I just started a log in scratch builds under USS Des Moines. Also a photo of my office where I do most of my building I also have a full woodworking shop attached to my garage. I bought this saw for a second saw so I don't have to change setups as much Photo of both saws He also had for sale a MicroLux Variable speed drill press for a great price also All were like new and work perfect Don
  7. Hi, I was a member of MSW; signed back up for MSW 2 but life got in the way of rebuilding my log on the new site. Well in the last 2-3 years; I have had both my kids finish college, get married (both within 2 months of each other - talk about a stressful experience). My daughter and her husband are expecting their 2nd child and my son and his wife are expecting twins in March. Add a new computer system at work (working lots of overtime) and another surgery on my ankle. Throw all this together did not leave much time to work on hobbies. I do follow some logs and topics though to keep updated. The current project I have been working on is the USS Des Moines CA 134. My dad served on this ship in 1958-59 so this goes to him when complete. I started log as I finally got some time to organize the pictures and put some text together. My other two projects are on hold (for the most part) until I get this one done. My other two projects are Model Shipways Armed Virginia Sloop (replacing almost all of the wood from the kit) and a scratch 1:32 model of Chucks Syren. Projects on Hold Arm Virginia Sloop (Model Shipways) Scratch build of Syren 1:32