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  1. Thanks. I’ll try that in the future.
  2. That looks very nice. What technique did you use to weather the copper plates? They look great.
  3. Just a followup. I did a test with Future floor polish (Pledge), acrylic liquid. Applied as a gloss base. Then applied a decal. Followed by a spray matte dullcote. This approach worked very well. The decal looks much better, no edges seen. The photo demonstrates the matte finish over the site of the decal compared to the adjacent gloss finish. Thanks for the advice.
  4. b dylan

    Buffalo Bill's Stagecoach.

    John What a fantastic looking model. Could you please comment on the specifics of how you achieved the weathered look? Thanks
  5. Sounds like a good idea. I’ll keep that in mind. Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the feedback. I'll trim a little closer, as well as apply a gloss before placing the decal . I gather I can apply the matte finish on top of the decal and the area with gloss. I'll do a test first, but sounds like this should do the trick. Thank you
  7. I would appreciate any comments on how to achieve a proper appearance for application of decals on a wood model. I am wanting to achieve a weathered, matte finish. This is a trial picture that demonstrates a shiny appearance of the decal on the matte finish. I obviously do not like this appearance and would like to see the decal blended into the wood better, without the shiny, stuck on appearance. I have painted and weathered the wood and then applied a matte spray finish. I then applied the decal and used Microsol to try to soften the decal. Any input on how to achieve a better result is appreciated. Thanks b dylan.
  8. b dylan


    What a beautiful job
  9. b dylan

    IMG 0543

    Thanks Pat. The length is 22 inches. Ordered from Model Expo - website has instruction book you can view online
  10. b dylan

    IMG 0529

    Hello. It is a kit from Model Expo, Picket Boat. It's a very good kit with good instructions and plans, a lot of fun to build. I did some additions to the kit - opened the coal bunkers and added coal, built some boxes, and added some contents, rigged the cannon, and made a few tools. There are a few build logs on this site that demonstrate these additions.
  11. b dylan


    Wonderful - looks great!
  12. JCT - not sure how I missed your build log - excellent build. I've sanded and lightly painted the aluminum pipes - seems to work OK. I'll keep in mind the Birchwood Casey for the next time
  13. Thanks, I've tried both of the above methods. They work equally well to adequately remove the sheen.
  14. b dylan

    Revenge, low bow view

    Beautiful. Very well done.

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