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  1. What have you received today?

    Today has been a fabulous day: a friend walked over and, for my birthday, handed me a kit that had been in his barn for decades..... A Sterling Models American Scout C-2 Cargo Ship.... this was made some time maybe in the 60s? Hard to tell, as there are no dates anywhere to be seen. This was originally designed to be an RC model, but I think that, when I get around to it, I'll make this a display instead. At 50" length (1.27m), it'll be a large display. Most if not all of it is balsa. One fun piece of paper in there was a warranty card which notes a $0.50 shipping and handling fee for returns ;-) THOSE were the days. It had been opened, and it appears that someone might have taped the plans to a board at one time, but nothing has been worked on, glued or missing that I can tell. Wow! Very happy to have this to look forward to. ~john
  2. Fokker Dr 1 by Mike Dowling

  3. Fokker Dr 1 by Mike Dowling

    I always bend away from the grooves....
  4. Fokker Dr 1 by Mike Dowling

    I'm pulling up a chair for this ;-) Looks good, Mike!
  5. Your Images for our Facebook Page :-)

    Images of my Kate Cory build: feel free to use with watermark as needed. ~john
  6. Constitution Model in Hotel Lobby

    yes - I got a chuckle out of that, as well. ~j
  7. I walked into the Gaylord Resort and Convention Center for registration for the weeklong American Astronomical Society meeting and found this large-scale model of the Constitution just behind the registration desk. They wouldn't let me get close, but I could snap a few images to post here. It is about 5 feet in length. Out of curiosity, does anyone know its history (the model's, that is)? ~john
  8. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    Nicely done, Mike: she is a lovely model. Display with pride. ~john
  9. YIKES!!!!!
  10. Musicians and Modelers

    I am mostly a percussionist: drums and such of all sorts. I play in a rock band, an Irish/Scottish/French Canadian band that really sounds more like Flook than anything else, and I tinker pretty well with guitars and not so well with flutes. Here are a few shots of some of the instruments in and around the house. ~john
  11. About a foot of new snow now that the blizzard has headed north to the Gulf of Maine. We ended up with just about a foot of snow (30cm). Now we have a wind chill advisory for temps reaching -22F (-30C).... pretty chilly. Must be winter!!
  12. Snow snow snow..... today's nor'easter coming up with a lot of water from Florida is hitting us in New England today. We're expecting 11-14" (28-36cm) of snow by end of day. Joy!!! More time to work in the shop on the Syren ;-) ~john
  13. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    Hi Mike - not sure which knot I used at the time, but I used a knot then a dab of white glue to secure it. ~j
  14. Sopwith Camel 1/16 by Mike Dowling

    For the cabane and outer wing struts, I used CA. For the landing gear struts, I used epoxy soaked into the string used to simulate the bungee cables. CA was touched on the "bolts" for the wing struts. It holds well. ~j
  15. Some thoughts: Red Lead paints were often used to prevent all sorts of nautical rot issues. It is lead oxide (Pb3O4) and is red. Perhaps? ~john

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