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  1. I noticed an interesting coin......As for running, let's see to the running rigging first. Glad to see you're on the mend, mate!
  2. Ahoy, fellow countrymen and near neighbours (as I live a bit north of IJmuiden). Keep up the good work! I'm fully enjoying it!
  3. Great! I was in Dublin last summer. Had a few Guinness in the Temple Bar and a band was playing there. The craig was 90!
  4. Perfect combination, whisky and modelling! Islay single malt, no less! Personally I prefer the Irish single malts (Bushmill 16y or Redbreast 12y). Must be because I also love irish folkmusic (play it even)!
  5. I'm fine, thanks! Progress on my build is slow, because of work and too many hobbies. But I still enjoy working on it. Fortunately my sons are old enough to take care of themselves (32, 30 and 19). Well, have fun and stay healthy!
  6. Following your build with much interest. I have the AL version on the shelf, waiting to be built ( a few others as well, though). The life size replica can be seen in Saint Malo, France. I hope make a trip on the ship one day soon. Did you know there is another build going on on this site? By Gaffrig. Also the Artisana version. Enjoy!
  7. The life size lies in Saint Malo, France. I will definitely visit it in the near future! https://www.etoile-marine.com/notre-flotte/le-renard/
  8. For me it's only the 3rd model I'm building. But it works for me. I pre-bend the (soaked) planks with an iron or use a nipping pliers to shape it.
  9. I see that you have Zap a Gap glue. When I do the planking, I soak and heatbend the planks and use the glue, not the nails. It works fine. It dries very quickly. So I prefer using Zap to nails.
  10. Hi, fellow countryman! I will follow your build with much interest, for I have this one on my shelf. But it will be a while though before I will start it. I have the Polotsk to finish and the Avos is on its way, which I will start on first, I think. Nice planking! I hope I will succeed in doing it right, because it is single planking I believe. The Polotsk and Avos have double planking, so one can easily cover up the mistakes of the first layer. I also have visited the Hermione in Rochefort (twice even). A great and beautiful ship! Sail on!
  11. You could furl the sail or clew it. It doesn't have to be spread out. I think I would. Just an idea... For the rest, I absolutely admire your work. Very inspiring (and jealousmaking). Thumbs up!
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