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  1. So what? You' (we') re not in a hurry, are you? Son comes first ( I know, I've got 3 of them), the rest can wait. And so can we Time with your son is valuable, you can't pick that up later! Enjoy!
  2. Very Nice! Excellent work! An example to us all (to me in particular)! Any idea what your next build will be?
  3. Just wondering; if you change something in the build, to improve accuracy to the original plans, won't that affect construction of the kit later on? The designers may have altered certain aspects of the ship to facilitate the building of the model. so, one change in the plan might lead to other problems (which can always be solved of course)
  4. Nice book! I immediately ordered one myself! Thanks for showing us! Have fun building her! I enjoy following your progress. Great preparation for when I get to build her. Sail on!
  5. Mistakes always find room, some way or another! Almost creepy 😱
  6. Ah, too bad! Well, we'll just have to be patient and wait and hope for an early winter!
  7. Are you sure you're not confusing the nipper with a sledgehammer?(just kidding ). I find that with the Master Korabel kit the strips of wood are more easily handled and shaped than with the other kits I've had, where I had to put in more effort to get the wood shaped in the right way. On the other hand, the thinner strips get damaged more easily. Anyway, encountering problems and trying to solve them is part of the fun (I keep telling myself countless times)
  8. Ha, ha, I think you do know you're not out there alone, after all this time! We keep following and enjoying your build!
  9. Thanks guys! Like I got the instructions with the Polotsk kit I bought from V-Hobby. I was just wondering (and wandering). All clear now!
  10. Great! Good news! But will it be included in the box or do we have to download it somewhere?
  11. Nipping the strips for planking works fine with me (don't squeeze too firmly, else they might still break!). But broad and thin parts like bulwarkstrips I prefer to pre-bend by soaking and bending with a heating tool like a soldering iron sort of thing. Works great!
  12. Here's a note from another Dutch friend. What a marvelous idea! It so happens I own the old AND new version of the kit. I still have some time to decide which one I will start first. It will take a while though before I start. Still working on the Polotsk. In the meantime I will enjoy your second build Sail on. I say!
  13. OMG! I didn't know modeling could be this taxing for the heart! 😉 But seriously, everything fine now? Loosen the sheets a bit and reef the sails. We don't want you to go to Davey Jones locker yet!! Keep sailing on!
  14. No, please don't! you'll get there in the end, I can see that! In the meantime I (we) have a very entertaining build log to follow. It's almost like a mirror to me (only you get better results). Hold her steady and sail on, I say!

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