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  1. Thank you Captain. What I am doing is is placing all the JPG's into a folder for each contributor that I use and then bulk naming them. For example I will "select" all photos and then rename them and the result will be the name I choose followed by 1...2...3...4 and so forth. Works well enough. Thanks for he feed back.
  2. Many photos are submitted with generic names (i.e. IMG_1234.JPG). Many of us add these photos to our Resource Files. It seems that it would be better to have the photos named by the owner. Does this make any sense to others?
  3. "Epic" kits are something that I would not have the knowledge to comment on. But in my opinion the HMS Naiad 1797 1/48 by Albert would certainly be a strong candidate for an epic build.
  4. I just had three trees harvested. A Pecan, Cherry and a Walnut. Research suggested two years to dry and cure. To hasten this I have had the logs cut to 24" (rough) an then used my band saw to create 1-1/2" x 3-4" x 24"billets (no bark) and stacked and cross stacked. Hopefully I can use them in a year.
  5. Hello Bruce and welcome to the group. Don't be distracted by "Older Post" as you will find that they usually represent tried and true methods that are very relevant to the current discipline. Choosing to start with plastic or wood is entirely a personal choice. One thing to consider is your current arsenal of tools that can be used without a huge outlay of money until you decide which speciality (or both) to pursue. Another idea is to browse the build logs and find something or a specific build that you are interested in. That way you have an immediate resource to help guide you as everyone here is ready to assist you. Welcome aboard and happy modeling.
  6. Welcome to the group Len. Looking forward to your logs.
  7. Response from StewMac; Thank you for contacting us. We are waiting on some machine parts from our production facility, before we can list this item as "in stock". We hope to have all items available later this week. You can always sign up to receive an email when this item is ready, by clicking the "email when in stock" link under the item number. If you have any other questions or comments, please contact us. Best regards, Jayme Arnett Customer Service Manager Stewart-MacDonald
  8. Have the Dremel Plunge Router attachment and it works well within its limitations. It will not handle close tolerance. I tired to run a rabbit on a keel and it would not consistenly hold aline. However I do use it on Doll House furniture where tolerance is not so critical. With the router (Dremel 4000) in place and the base on a flat surface you can "wiggle" the drill .010 -.020 laterally and .010 front to back. I've tried to order the Stewart McDonald tool but it seems to be out of stock everywhere. Sent an availability request to maker and waiting for response.
  9. Popeye- Just found this log. For the first time I now have a "future Build". Absolutely drawn to this model! Will digest your log. The detail is amazing.
  10. It's totally relative to the overall. For instance I started out with NO scale craft tools. So after machines, laser cutter and books....and since this is my first build it is costing me nearly 8 grand to build the Triton Cross Section. But with capital outlay already invested, the per project cost will come down ....eventually. I don't drink, smoke or party so that helps. I have friends that spend much more than that a year in bars. The satisfaction is worth it.
  11. Based on US Law Related Laws Contained in Title 17 of the United States CodeIn short.... If it aint yours it's copyrighted and you must obtain permission or release to publish, amend or offer for profit.
  12. fmartins The wales always seem to be thicker than the rest of the planking. They are named in relationship to their location. as such, channel wales are where the channel fastenings are. The planks below this are the main wales. The plank below the main wales are referred to as Diminishing planks or strakes and the thickness reduces to the dimensions of the lower planking. This is pretty basic and I’m no means an authority.
  13. Amazing project for first build. Scale and presentation are fabulous. This scale would be much to intricate for my eyesight, but a joy to follow.
  14. Very informative log. Both technique and procedure re-defined with each post. It would appear that you would be comfortable with scratch build on the horizon. Don't let the issues you have raised influence a decision to suspend your work. Your ability as a craftsman to overcome these hurdles is an inspiration to us all. Looking forward to rest rest of the build.
  15. A very exciting journey through the eyes of an accomplished machinist and tool maker. Although most of us will never achieve this extreme level of tool making, it is an amazing example of work that can't be ignored. What a group of artisans who add new meaning to "We can build nearly anything from very little."
  16. Has anyone used Orange wood to draw and make nails? From somewhere in the past I have acquired a box of 2500 Orange Wood cuticle sticks. Bound to be useful for something other than glue sticks.
  17. I'm so glad that this build was reposted. Reading it and digesting the contents make me want to dive into parts of the build that I have not come to yet. So many techniques and ideas to choose from. How can one not learn with so many shipwrights sharing a vast amount of knowledge. Thank you all.
  18. I had one for several years. It was a family hand me down. I primarily used it as a drill press. Didn't notice any power issues and I pretty much used it within its limits. In getting into miniature modeling and tool making I decided to upgrade to the Sieg X2 and to retool to that machine.
  19. Wishing everyone associated with MSW a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy Holiday Season.

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