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  1. I have found your thread only today and I have spent most of my day catchint up with it. I am impressed with your technique, precision and creativity!! I have no words to describe how impressed I am by your work. I have a very small ship that I haven't worked on for a while (my job's falt) but seeing your work makes me want to go back to the table right away and work tirelessly on it!! And I was in Czech republic for work for 2 weeks (came back home last week)… If I had known your work by then I'd make sure to arrange a visit and be amazed by seeing your work first hand… 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
  2. At this point I'm not even caring about rewards and stuff I just want it all to be through hehehe
  3. Man, I had no idea what I was doing when I decided to go for a doctor's degree... That sh*t is crazy... At least with a doctor's degree I can try for a position in a public university here in Brazil. That would be very good - it is pretty much the same as getting tenure in an US university. Nice salary, only teaching 8 hours a week and that's it... plenty of time for model ship building hehehehehe
  4. Well, it's been a while I haven't posted here... If you're following this thread, know that it's not because I don't want to, or abandoned the project... The thing is I'm on the last phase of my doctoral degree, and it'll be all finished by june/july... until there, my focus has to be on my life-long dream of becoming a full time researcher. But, as soon as I'm done with my dissertation I'll certainly have more time, and I'll happily post more often... Don't give up on following my build... It is something that really makes me happy. I hope in the end it will turn out alright... Thanks everyone!
  5. Wow Juzek, what an accident! Fortunately for a master such as yourself it's nothing, it looks even better now... as for the tips, thanks a lot! I looked around and found some linseed oil, I'm going to give it a try! Do you apply it on top of the paint, or use the oil first and then paint over it? Do you use any stains before linseed oil? I'll think about the veneer strips, I think this might help!! Thanks a lot!
  6. What kind of oil / varnish do you use? It's beautiful and gives it a weathered look!
  7. *thin, I mean 'so thin' (i wrote that on my phone, and I'm a horrible typist)
  8. EJ_L that is precisely my finding today. I'm trying all kinds of improvised stuff to impeove this wandering off but so far nothing. With veneer its even worse cause it's so thong i end up cutting instead of scribing... tomorrow is a holiday here so i'll spend a few hours trying a few ideas. I hope i can gey acceptable results...
  9. Just beautiful! It's all I have to say...! Congratulations! She's coming along really fine!
  10. Thanks Patrick! I'm not sure its going to work because I'm doing it on veneer. It is already thin and after scribing and sanding it may become too fragile. But Ill try anyway. Scott, my 'unorthodox' approach comes from a mix of lack of time, money and space hehehe... Since the bulwarks wouldn't appear and I had some styrene lying around (I used to do some helicopter plaatic models), I told myself to give it a try... Next time I'll stick to wood though...
  11. Oh I forgot to say... On the port side is a Brazilian wood called tauari. But the cutting of this veneer left it with a lot of 'scars'. I'm using it only for the template although it's a beautiful wood (this piece however has 'muted' colors). On the starboard side is a different wood. This is the final wood. Its beautiful yellow collor is close to the model in the French museum. Unfortunately I have no idea what kind of wood it is, since i bought it in box with scraps of veneer (let's say I don't have much money for hobbies - going to graduate school is great but maybe not a sound financial plan hehehe)... i'll save some of it to try to find some more of ot or what wood this is. It does have kind of a 'flamed' effect like maple...
  12. Hey everyone. I haven't been having much timw to spend on the model lately, to my great self disappointment... My vacations are over, my dissertation is still late and my index finger is still a bit sore. But sinec classes haven't started yet (I teach in a local university), I had some time to consider my next steps. First, I found the work of a modeler/artist called Rex Stewart. I guess most of you have heard about him but I admit my ignorance. His models share some similarity with mine - his main concern is not replicating the original building methods in miniature. I don't either, so maybe I could learn something from him. The way he builds is a lot smarter than mine (he carves a solid hull with a dremel of sorts). But here it gets interesting. He doesn't plank the outside, he rather simulates planking by scribing/scoring. And his results are not bad really. If I didn't check his buildlog on Flickr, I would've thought he planked this model. Check for yourselves... In my case it's late for a solid hull, but I could somehow partly replicate this idea, right? So i used some low tack scoth tape and after a looot of sanding I managed to get templates for thw sides of the ship... I'm gonna give scribing a try, see if works fine with me and I'll post the results later, before glueing it all in place. It seems promising!
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