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  1. I saw you post that you have some spare parts for the Constitution.  I am looking for schematic drawing that should have accompanied the set. I have step by step direction but not the schematics.  Can you help?


    Mamoli Constitution spare parts

    1. jthemanjack


      Just checked and there are the step by step instructions 1-15 ... 8 sheets , a 'general instructions for correct assembly of the model ' pamphlet and lastly two 90cm-130cm overviews marked A and B, A shows the ship in profile, five cross sections and a stern view and B is more of a companion to the instructions showing an overview of the ship in profile and an overhead view .  Both the latter need some TLC in the form of some sticky tape , but both are still legible . Happy to send .

  2. Thanks for the input Joe . I did wander about them as well, I know they weren't part of the normal set-up on-board, but during conflicts I wouldn't be surprised to see them used as Gun-ports, instead of the 'Anatomy of a Ships' description 'Ports (used as cabin lights)' or 'windows' in common speech . Looking at the drawings they were set low and could be used as Gun-ports . I'll wait and see how I feel about them, they're only 'screw ins' and can be removed at any point . The Boy in me thinks you can't have too many Cannons though ... nice to hear from you . Jack
  3. Glued both Gun-port strips into place, what I did was soak and then clamp everything in place overnight to dry, I find these ply patterns easier to glue if they are formed into shape beforehand . The instructions say "The top edge of the strips should be level with the top edge of the Bulkheads" but I wouldn't go by just that, what I did was clamp the strip into position, and then use a gun carriage to check that the Gun-ports are at the right height in respect to the main deck. When I was happy that it was in the right position, I drilled a few guide holes to help with the positioning when gluing. I also drilled 3-4 small holes around the base of the bulkhead tabs that are left above deck level, these need snapping off once the first planking is done, in my experience they don't just 'snap off, it can turn into rather a brutal affair. It's also good idea at this point to drill for the dummy barrels in the two stern Gun-ports, you'll need the strips in place to make sure the barrels are centred .
  4. Managed quite a bit in the week , fixed the bulkheads and Balsa'd at the bow and stern , I cannot believe the price of balsa wood now ... I was around 10 or 11 the last time I bought any mind you. Everything shaped and ready for the decks and gunport strips . The gunports need soaking for a while as per the instructions , I use a thermos and hot water, so it's more of a 'steam' than a soak . Spot the 'not so' deliberate mistake at the stern , that comes from not studying the instructions and looking a few steps ahead ... Doh !
  5. Marked off bearding line and rabbet , going to be conservative in the amount I take off for now, can always take a bit more off when I strake . Measured in between bulkheads for inserts and decided to use balsa inserts at prow and stern ... planking to that transom looks like it's going to be fun . dry fitted all the bulkheads and deck and apart from No4 which needs dropping a tad (about 1mm) all seems good
  6. Hi Guys Starting a Granado build and thought a Build Log would be fun ... and helpful ! I've only built Panart models up to now ( Royal Caroline , Armed launch and the Open Whaler ) So a Victory model is my first kit away from Panart . I know there's been an awful lot of Granado builds on this forum, and from Modellers with an awful lot more skill than me, but really it's to get ongoing advice from you Guys and it just 'might' be of help to somebody in the future. Look forward to hearing from you Chaps and please if there is anything on my log that doesn't seem right I would welcome Advice . Panart "Armed Launch" Panart "Open Whaler" Panart "Royal Caroline"
  7. Hi everyone , Picked up a great deal on Ebay last month , got the Grando by victory models and a part finished USS Constitution for a snip . The Constitution is incomplete and you can't get parts now so I have some spare parts going gratis, so if anybody has the mamoli kit but is missing parts get in touch and I'll see if I can help ,depending on the cost of postage for free .
  8. Very nice Chuck , was she from a kit or scratch ? and did you do a build log !
  9. Very...very pretty model Thanasis ,thank you for posting . some photos from different angles and some close-ups please
  10. Just the rest of the Town to do now ... very nicely done Earl ,thank you for posting
  11. Very nice model Jack , I think she will have to go on my wish list. Did you do a build log by any chance ? Jack
  12. Very nice work Sjors, If I ever attempt one of these big builds it will be the Agamemnon, and Build logs like yours are a great help and inspiration to those of us who are a little bit apprehensive about starting such large projects . Jack
  13. Lovely clean build Hennie , Will have to do a build with a copper'd hull at some time in the future......makes such a difference to the visual impact of the ship and yours looks perfect. Jack
  14. Hi Mobbsie, Coming along nicely ,Built her myself a few years ago and really enjoyed the build (apart from the triple Planking ) which is needed for stability of the Hull but is a little bit tedious,also did the Open Whaler from Panart which is great fun to build . Will follow with interest . Jack
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