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  1. Hello Harbourmaster I sent Peter about 4 PM's way before Christmas but he never replied to any of them. If anyone knows how he is can you let me know as I am worried about him. Jo.
  2. Hello OC This is a nice tribute to your father, you must be very proud of him. Jo.
  3. Hello Witchcraft Thank you so much for sending me a photo of your build and the links. May I say your build looks fantastic, I do hope mine will look like yours when she is finished. What a coincidence that in one link she is called Johanna, a very good friend of mine on this forum (Sam) suggested I call her Jo-Anna as people call me Jo and the person I work for her name is Anna, so we decided to calling her "Jo-Anna". Again thank you a million for your lovely photo and the links. Thank you all for your likes it is very much appreciated.
  4. Hello Keith Very nice planking; wonderful workmanship you are doing. You say you don't like planking twice, can I say I do like planking twice as I made lots of mistakes on my IL Leudo hull and I could correct it, my Billings Yawl has only one layer of planking and I have to say if I had to varnish it would have looked very bad so I was pleased it had to be painted haha. Keep up the good work my friend. Jo.
  5. Hi all Well I have sprayed the black on the upper part of the hull, I think I got a wee bit carried away with myself. I was only going to do two mist coats and two full coats like the videos say, I did do that but then I thought another coat will not hurt, then another and another, I must have been enjoying myself haha. Anyway I removed the tape and you would never guess, good old Jo has black go under the tape, are well you cannot win them all. Happy days Jo.
  6. Hello Steven and Yves Thank you both for your comments and support it is very much appreciated. I think the most exciting part is when you take the tape off and see how all the hard work you have done turns out. After I have done my work I will see if I have time to do the black part. Thank you all for the likes. Jo.
  7. Hello shipmates Just a wee update, I know I am jumping ahead of myself but I could not wait to do the white bits on the side of the hull. So I have done them and also the inside of the planks above the deck. I used some Tamiya tape and brown masking paper; I sprayed 3 light coats of Tamiya white first, I then left it for 5 minutes then applied two more coats, I was going to leave it at that but I had some paint left over so I gave it two more coats. Left it for about one hour and removed the masking paper and tape, I was a wee bit mad at myself as some paint has gone
  8. Hello Keith I have decided not to apply two more coats of Dull Red on the hull. I cannot see any wood grain on the planks, my biggest worry is that I have not gone up the hull with the Dull Red for the water line. I will see when I mark it out ready for the black above the water line. Thank you for you support. Jo.
  9. Hello Shipmates I have done a wee bit more on the ship. After I did the filling and sanding down again I applied two more coats of brown primer, this was left to dry for a day. I then sanded the primer down with 400 grit paper, then applied 4 coats of Tamiya Dull Red, I may give it two more coats. Next job to do is mask the water line and coat the top part with Tamiya Black. I don't know what they have done but the photos took forever to load up. Happy days. Jo.
  10. Hello Steven Thank you so much for that nice comment, also for the likes. I am going to re-prime the hull today. Jo.
  11. Hello all I re-filled the planks yesterday and I have to say sanding the filler down I was surprised how much I have missed the first time round, or maybe it had shrunk? I will re-prime it tomorrow. Happy days. Jo.
  12. Hello Keith Thank you, yes sanding down is not my favorite job in the world, but I am looking at it this way, as I have no fingernails now I am saving on the cost of nail varnish hahahahaha. Happy days. Jo.
  13. Hello all I have now primed the planks on the inside above the deck with white primer, but I found some gaps so they was filled and then re-primed. I have also added the rubbing rail to the outside of the hull; this also has been primed but with a brown primer. Next is a wee bit of filling to do then a good sand down and another coat of brown primer. Sorry about the mess on the deck and the overspray on the white, this will be sorted out when I get to the finishing coats. Thank you Keith for the PM it was very helpful. Jo. Happy day
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