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  1. Hello Popeye The instruction book is so bad that I am now going on a video that I have on my PC. He/she has cut all the tops off the frames apart from the two by the cabin. If you are saying cut all of them off I will do so. Thank you for your help and advice. Jo.
  2. Hello shipmates. Just a small up date. I have started the planking of the deck, but as the frames are curved the edge of the planks are higher than the one before it. I did sand part of it down and it feels Ok. But now according to the book I have to cut the tops of some more frames off, I will then have to re-paint the white again. Angry Jo 😡.
  3. Hello Carl Nice work, but it's all double Dutch to me 👸, better go and put my clogs on. Jo.
  4. Hello all. Thank you all for your messages it is greatly appreciated. There are some nice people out there and we don't realise it, my dancing partner on a Thursday nights has been around cooking my dinner for me and making cups of tea, he also had a go at cleaning the house for me bless his soul. Again thank you all. Will have a go at my build tomorrow all being well. Jo.
  5. Hello all I have had to drag myself out of the bed as I have got the flu, so sorry no updates for some time. Jo.
  6. Hello Lin May I pull up a chair and follow also. Wow nice build you are doing, I have a lot to learn. Nice to see another lady on the forum. Jo.
  7. Sam your back, you know what they say don't you, all work and no play haha. Jo.
  8. Hello Sam Haha no I don't think they do gorF tape at my shop. I will hand paint the white today and may start the deck planks. I have been talking to my boss, will send you a PM. So nice to see you back again. Jo.
  9. Hello Johnothan First I taped the line up with Tamiya 5mm masking tape for curves (the white one), then masked the varnish part with Tamiya 18mm tape (yellow one). Sanded the varnish down that had to be painted, then a coat of white primer. Then a mist coat of green gloss spray can (Rust-Oleum 2x Ultra cover Paint and Primer) it says on the can it can be re-coated in 1 hour, I left it for just over 2 hours, then re coated it. I then removed the tape, it was the white tape that pulled the varnish off. I am going to repaint it again next week, the white I will hand paint with white gloss acrylic. This may be a little setback but it is not going to beat me, I don't give up that easy. Jo.
  10. Hello Tector It is not like me to curse like that but I am learning FAST. I am sorry if I have offended anyone. But it was how I felt at the time of typing, but I am Ok now (I think). Jo.
  11. Hello all. Yippppeeeeeeeeee some paint on my little ship ☹️. After sanding the wood down (not very good job on that) I gave it a spray of white primer on the bottom of the hull and the top + inside of the wall thing, this disappeared into the wood (nasty words came out of my mouth 👅) I then sprayed another coat on more nasty words, the walls on the inside that had filler on it the paint would not cover it + gaps in the planks, so re filled this area, big mistake using dark wood filler, so after 3 more coats I gave up and went and had a shower then it was bed time (was hoping in the morning the inside walls will be Ok) no still the same 🥵 more nasty words. So I turned the hull upside down and sprayed the green on the bottom of the hull (two coats), at this stage I was getting very very mad (more nasty words) I forgot to mask the white up, now I have green spray over the white very very very ANGRY Jo. Today a very sad day, I have taken the tape off, more nasty words, then more nasty words, the tape has pulled some varnish off (the air was BLUE now with my bad language). So what I will do now I will sand it all down re paint the green with the spray can, then hand paint the white put the black lines on, after that I will let the paint dry for a week then give it a coat of varnish all over the hull. Jo .
  12. Hello Mark Good idea, must ask my GP if she does modelling 😷. Jo.
  13. Helllllooooooooooo Shipmates Just a small update, I finished the planking of the keel and filled the gaps (again), sanded down (poor fingers are bleeding again) not sure what is harder sanding wood or cleaning the house, well that was a silly comment from me you don't get bleeding fingers from cleaning the house do you 🧹. I then sanded the hull part that is going to be varnished with some very fine paper (courtesy of the nice man next door) I then gave it a coat of polyurethane gloss varnish. I don't know how far the green paint comes up the hull so I varnished down more than I should, but will sand it down when I do paint it. Will varnish the hull twice more. Jo 🏡
  14. Hello Popeye Thank you also. So that is what they call the side bits Bulwarks thank you. I did read about the top of the bulwark frames had to be cut off but only 3 at the front and 3 at the back, I only had glued 2 planks on them so the other 2 I just glued the edge of the planks. No the deck is not printed, as the kit says paint the deck they supply that white wood but I did not wish to paint the deck so I have changed the wood over to walnut, but it is not as dark as the walnut supplied in the kit so that is good for me as I do like the colour. The green I was going to change it to blue but changed my mind, so green it will be, I just hope that the top of the can is the same as the paint inside the can. Jo.

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