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  1. Hello all. After taking the parts apart I found after putting them on the plans that I did not have to make a V shaped piece of wood. In fact I had to file some off part 16. It looks like I have to file down to the blue line as this looks a bit too high. It amazed me that taking only a little bit off part 16 can move the top over by about 5mm. Jo.
  2. Hello Sam Dark side "a"☠️ the only thing I scratch is my head over this kit 🤣. Jo.
  3. Hi again Gals and Guys Ok I took the advice and took it all apart. This is how far it is out according to the plans. Now I don't know if what I am going to do is right or not. This is what I have been thinking about, try and unglue the parts, then put a piece of wood by the blue lines in a V shape this I hope will push the top over, see red arrow. Any other suggestions before I completely destroy the wood. Jo.
  4. Hello Brian I had the same problem, in the end I had to delete firefox and start over again, all Ok now. Jo.
  5. Hello Sam Got it from Bunnings yesterday when I got my mini files. Jo.
  6. Hello Carl Ha-ha Spirits well for your info I only drink coffee, tea or water. Jo.
  7. Hello Ondras Thank you for the link for the IL Leudo. Jo.
  8. Hi Mark Thank you I will go to Bunnings and try to get some. Jo.
  9. Hi Mark. Yes I can take the frames out and lay it on the plans. But I will have to take the part 16 off and that is glued on with Titebond. Jo.
  10. Hello Part 16. You can see how far it is out of line, the centre wooden strip is in place as per the instructions. The red line is how it should be. I am not sure if the frame should be on a slant or not as the plans don't indicate it if it should be or not. I think the best thing to do is file the top down to the red line and file the slot to the blue line like some of you have said. Jo.
  11. Hello both I will have a look next time I go to bunnings. Jo.
  12. Hello Sam I have never seen square headed screws before. Jo .
  13. Hello Mark No not yet but will try and scan the plan and post it tomorrow. Thank you for your concern. Jo.

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