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  1. Hello all Thank you Carl for them kind words I do appreciate it. I may have to go to the Gym and lose some weight that I have gained from sitting down all the time 😉. Next is the tool box. Jo.
  2. Hello all. Just a small up date. I have planked the cabin walls and roof, also made the sliding hatchway door (yes it works ha-ha). I have only coated the wood in a sanding sealer. I have a tool box to make then place it in front of the cabin then I can finish putting some strips of wood round the cabin front. Happy days. Jo.
  3. Hello shipmates. Thank you Carl, the mast hole has to have two blocks of wood, one at the front and one at the back but this don't cover up my mistakes so I will glue extra blocks on each side. The bowsprit, as I did not have a large drill like you suggested so I could taper the wood I asked the kind man next door, he said his son has something a bit better than a drill to do that sort of work, so he went and got this tool, it turned out to be a Mantua lathe. I used 180 grit to start off with then finished with 220 grit sand paper, I have only put one coat of sealer on the wood. Jolene (Jo).
  4. Hello all As I said I have drilled the holes for the mast and the bowsprit (thank you Carl I did not know the name of that part). I am sorry I have made a mess of the holes, I only had my Dremel and some small drills, so I drilled some holes and finished with a round file. I have also cut a tapered the bowsprit sorry about the clip holding it up. Also I have planked the rudder but the plans don't say I should do it but I did anyway, I have also glued some strips round the bulwarks (I think they are for tying ropes on). Jolene (Jo).
  5. Hello Popeye Thank you so much. I have to say it was a bit of a challenge. I have drilled the holes for the mast and the wood that goes at the bow. Now I have to taper the wood (may ask the friendly man next door haha). Thank you all for your comments and likes. Jo.
  6. Hello shipmates. Now completed both sides of the cap rail, I have also sealed the wood, I have to say that I am a wee bit disappointed that the wooden strips are a different colour. I have also finished the openings of the hatch holes. Next is to drill the hole for the mast, then I will start the cabin. Jo.
  7. Hello all As I had a bit of time on my hands I worked on my ship. Just a small update, I have completed one side with the 1mm x 2mm strips of wood. I still have to sand them down but will do that when I have done the other side. Happy days. Jo.
  8. Hello Carl I have put a like in three times for you 😂. The bending jig, I think I purchased it from a shop in Hawthorn Melbourne, I am sure it is used by Jewellers so they can bend and twist gold and silver wire, if someone knows maybe they can tell us what it is used for. Jolene.
  9. Hello Shipmates It's a special day today, well for me it is ha-ha. But before I celebrate with an orange drink I thought I would post a wee update. I have glued the second 2mm x 2mm strip of wood on the inside. Next is the 1mm x 2mm strips that go on the outside two on each side, I have also posted a photo on how I am bending the wood, this is just to get the basic shape. Happy days. Jolene.
  10. Hello Johnothan Like you I was not going to do a building log, but as I have said before I have never built a wooden ship before, I knew that it was going to be a challenge for my skills (what little skills I had that is), so with some encouragement I became a member of this forum, I am very pleased that I took that advice as this forum has so many helplful people that are willing to help people like you and me out with advice and tips on how to build your model. As you can see on my log I have made mistakes (lots) so don't be afraid of starting a building log, you cannot be any worse than me. I agree with Sam it is not the amount of time it takes it is also the participation also. So please start a log of your build. Jo.
  11. Hello Johnothanswift You are correct re comical instructions, if you don't understand them then how do you think I feel. I am doing my best with the help of the kind members on this forum. I am pleased the chocolate fish in non-fattening, but I hope it is not a shark (don't like sharks ha-ha). Jo.
  12. Hello Shipmates Sorry this is not an update on my IL Leudo build but an APOLOGY. On post number #475 Cog (Carl) said "I don't think this is her first build" I did reply to his comment post number #476 and also sent him a PM. I have to say to you all that follow or read my log that I took Cog's (Carl) comments the wrong way and I am deeply sorry for what I said. So Cog (Carl) will you please accept my apologies for any hurt or embarrassment I may have caused you. Jolene.
  13. Hello Richard Thank you but I assure you I have made lot's of mistakes that I can see. I have started on the other side. Jo.
  14. Hello shipmates I have now glued the second 2mm x 2mm strip of wood on the inside. Next is the 2x 1mm x 2mm strips that go on the outside of the cap rail, they are soaking in water, they should be easier to bend as they are only 1mm thick, then it's onto the other side. Happy days. Jo.

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