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  1. Hello GIRLS and Boys 😀. I have planked some of the top part of the hull. As per normal the last two have twisted at the ends. I have one more plank to go on then do the other side. The holes they tell you to drill, I am not sure if they are going to work or not as when you plank the deck the planks will just about cover them up ??. Yes I know it is a bit messy it is due to the glue hiding under the clamps but I will sand them down later, they should be Ok. Jo.
  2. Hello Carl well it took you some time but better late than never 🤣😹. Jo.
  3. Hello Mark and Vossiewolf. Yes I used a file to clean them up and enlarge them a bit, as the bottom of the holes should be at the top of the walnut strip. My next job is to put a 2x3mm walnut strip on top of the 2x2mm strip of walnut so this one will cover the holes by 1mm, will do this when I have finished my work for the boss. Thank you for your advice and help not forgetting the likes. Jo.
  4. Hello Vossiewulf No I did not I just used the 4mm drill, is that why they are all over the place. Jo.
  5. Hello all After the first planking the next job was drill some holes. Well as I don't have a large drill I had to go and beg the man next door (good job I cooked dinner for him and his wife last night 😀) so he loaned me his cordless DeWalt drill. When he handed it over I just about dropped it on the concrete footpath, walking back home (well staggering is a better word ) I thought how am I going to drill holes with this thing, but drill holes I did JUST, sorry they are all over the place. I now have to phone for a Taxi to take it back ♿. Jo.
  6. Hello shipmates Well this is the next instalment of the little IL Leudo's building disaster . I have finished planking the other side + filling and sanding. I thought it looked Ok till I seen the photos, so looks like more sanding 🤢. Tell me how smooth should it be before I put the second planking on. I don't know what has happened to me as I am thinking about what ship next to build, am I ill and should I go and see my doctor ??. Jo.
  7. Hello John Thank you. Will send that PM as soon as I can. Jo.
  8. Hello Greg is correct, I ordered two bottles of medium Zap, one was so thick it would not come out of the bottle the other one was Ok. I sent the bad one back to the shop and they admitted it was an old bottle. Jo.
  9. Hello Carl I have work to do first then onto my ship, so the answer is no. I think it just needs filling and sanding down again, will send you a PM now. Jo.
  10. What a boring play/film that was, you had to be out of your head to understand it 👽. Anyway I have work on the other side and I have blood on my finger tips 💅. Jo.
  11. Hello from the wrecker's yard. Ok I have finished the first planking, sorry that's a lie all I have done is add the planks to the filler to make it look like I have filled the planks 🤣🤢. Bit more work inside the red circle. Jo.
  12. Carl just pat me on the head and give me a cuddle and I will be OK. A drop of milk will be Ok also. Jo.
  13. Hello Carl I am shocked, Mr Sam needs to go and get his eyes tested, Cats don't BARK, I thought he knew I am a SHIPS CAT 😾, but by christ I have sharp CLAWS meow, meow. Anyway I am a nice cat purr, purr, I just need a cuddle and a pat on the head. Nice work Carl meow, meow. Jo.
  14. Well no treats for you tonight you naughty boy 👙 🤣. Jo.

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