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  1. Hello Denis Thank you also for all of that info, you are a good man. Jo.
  2. Hello all Sorry I have not posted for sometime but will be back soon. Del2, thank you for posting with the info on my little ship it is much appreciated. Unfortunately this is only my second wooden ship build, (still have not finished the first one yet ha-ha), but I don't know the names of the parts of the ships but I will learn with the help of people like yourself and others on this forum. With the dyeing of the sails, my plan was to dye them let them dry and then tie them up in a ball and re-dye them, I hope to get a weathered look. You said your hull came in two halves, I am not sure if mine is an older kit or not but I am happy with it the way it is, as for the instructions yes they are very, very BAD. I have looked for your log but cannot find it are you doing a log on your build. Jo.
  3. great choice for a boat and also a great job so far on the kit!

  4. Hello Shane I am worried about the planking, it has only got one layer of planks not two like my IL Leudo kit. Jo.
  5. Hello all Just a wee update, I decided to fill the bow part of the hull also as I cannot see that the planks will be secure by gluing them to a small area of the keel. I have not finished sanding the stern filler blocks down yet as I am not sure if the planks finish each side of the keel or in the middle of the keel HELP. Jo.
  6. Hello Shane Wow you lucky man you, they look like nice tools. But hey you forgot to send me that cat scratching pole, never mind I will have to make do with my new kitty litter tray. Happy New Year my friend. Jo xxxx.
  7. Hello shipmates I have just about finished sanding the balsa wood filler blocks on one side. I have to say it seems like it has taken me months to just do one side when it was only a couple of days on and off. Anyway I hope you all have a nice Christmas and a prosperous 2020. Hope Santa brings you all some new kits and tools. Jo.
  8. Shane you can come to my parties any time as long as you do the cooking but no alcohol please 😺. Jo.
  9. Hello Shipmates Just a small update, I have glued the strips of wood round the inside of the bulwarks, I think this is the edge of the deck planking as they are on the same level. Also this helps reinforces the weak spot at the stern, I also have two more strips of wood to be glued in that area also so it will make it more stronger. Happy day. Jo.
  10. Hello all Thank you Tom, Mark and Phil. I will put some balsa wood in them areas. You are all so kind. Jo.
  11. Hello shipmates I have completed the framing and the 4 strengthening parts at the stern. Next up is some parts that go round the inner part of the frames. Happy days. Jo.
  12. Hello Popeye and Steven Thank you both. Popeye re weak point on the stern, it was more about luck than anything that I found it, when I cut the tabs and tried to take it out of the wooden sheet I noticed that the end started to twist, so I stopped and re-cut the tabs again, when it came out I could move it side to side so I thought I was in big trouble if it snapped it in half. I am sure I read someplace that if you put some CA (thin) on wood it will make the wood stronger so this is what I did. That is when I asked about this on my log. Can I say thank you all for your suggestions. Happpppppppyyyyyy dayyyyysssssssss. Jo.

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