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  1. I first built the jig .added the frame next step is removing from building jig
  2. I purchase three long boat kit from CAF 2 139m and one 168 meter to use on the build Royal William picture enclose are what in the box well back fast deliver and great service good quality
  3. Mark and Banyan thank you for your help I do the pliers that a good idea I purchase some from model central but I had a brain fart I need 30 but order 15 the plier work like a press thank you Chuck
  4. well I finish the second planking added all the deck and plank i.m been cutting out window I drill small in each frame then cut out by hand I have a sore finger only 12 more to go I sanded the haul and painted the bottom white started working on back end their a lot of casting should have done by next week the rear end I still have to cut out gun port i.m thinking of buying metal gun port by the time I buy the hinges and make the door it might be cheaper I have mad a lot of mistake but been able to recover most this part has been kicking my but attach are some pic so far been wor
  5. well I have finish the first planking did some sanding and filler gave the hull a coat of white paint so I can see where to fill or sand the gun port are cut out getting ready the frame them in did some work on the stair case and stove and grate
  6. I finish the first planking remove the nail and will start the sanding the last two day in Florida been a little on the cold side for Floridian after sanding and filling drill pilot hole for gun port
  7. the kit is heavy come in a large box the plan well detailed I only have room for a few plan picture of the cast parts I inventory the part and made a list of the part number and what bag their are in I printed the first of 4 manual from euro model and this book also has a lot of information and a few pic of other model compled
  8. Hi my name is Chuck This is my first building log I'm building the Royal William I have started the kit doing the first planking this kit is way over my skill level but I have been reading a lot of building log but I'm having fun im using white glue and super glue and nail
  9. sorry to hear about your knee I had a total replace 3 month ago also work on some model in the down time enjoy your down time
  10. Nice picture of the Bluewater bridge With the late freighter going under the bridge I grew up in Lakeport North of the Bluewater. Bridge Also live in Marysville on the St. Clair River The detailing of the ship is great Enjoyed your building log
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