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  1. Beautiful ship. 😍 It made me realize how i always underappreciated the beauty of galleys. Somehow anything before galleons wasnt interesting enough but looking at this, i just have to change that opinion.
  2. This is simply incredible kit 😍, it seems almost like a "plastic kit made from wood" with those preshaped parts with engraved details etc.
  3. I dont think its important, but there is some logic in drumgerry's post as keel is something really easily identified even without numbers but bulkheads can be mistaken easily. Without the picture i would wonder if part 20 belongs between 2nd and 3rd bulkhead or bulkheads with part numbers 2 and 3. Maybe for native speaker it's obvious thanks to some language rules or something but for me as a non native speaker it seems like both options are possible.
  4. I think they dont really feel any need to, even with newer and better kits on the market. Their distributor network, well established name, many builds and good reviews on the internet should be enough to keep selling their kits for a while.
  5. Beautiful. Looks like i will be choosing next kit from VMs lineup - there will be 50 or so kits to choose from when i finish my HMS Pickle considering your speed and mine. 😃 But i am still a bit disappointed shes not french.
  6. That joint between two halves of false keel looks really nice. Does it still leave some room for error or is it so good that you can't get a bent frame?
  7. Beautiful ship. Speedy might be famous, but Flirt is much better looking. But i am still more interested in that mystery project i suspect to be some small pre-revolutionary french ship (corvette or very small frigate): https://modelshipworld.com/topic/20737-chris-watton-and-vanguard-models-news-and-updates/?do=findComment&comment=695838 .
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