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  1. Hello Nils, thank you. I posted some impressions of my boat in the welcome chat. I'm not sure yet if I'll post something like a report. A lot has already come together. Sometimes there is not enough time. We will see. Greetings Matthias
  2. Hello Nils, I am also curious to see when the boat building will continue. If it takes time, I'll be happy to wait. Stay healthy. Greetings Matthias
  3. Very interesting boat building, it was certainly not easy to seal this. Greetings Matthias
  4. Hello Miguel, @Dannebrog Mod from Biiling my English has to improve.
  5. Hello @Kevin nice that you like the boat. It's just a work boat but it has a nice shape.
  6. Hello Steven, @Louie da fly Limewood is not very hard. It is ideal for practicing. The burl is still ok up to a scale of 1:50. Then boxwood is better. Here is the block I freed the captain from.
  7. Hello Oliver, nice to meet you here too. Great progress. Greetings Matthias
  8. Hello Richard, @RichardG nice that you like it. The old captain is my first attempt at carving. It is made of linden wood and also in 1:20 scale.
  9. Hello friends, thanks for the likes and Jan for your welcome ...
  10. Hello everyone and thank you for the welcome greetings. The fishing boat is a “Zeesboat” from the region of the European Baltic Sea. I also found a Zeesboot from @Mirabell61 here in msw - a nice model. I build in 1:20 scale. The fuselage and stems are made of pear wood and the metal parts are made of brass. Starting as a test model, it has developed quite well. But there are also some mistakes I have a construction report on the boat in other forums. Inserting this here takes a lot of time. It also needs to be translated. If there is a lot of interest I can show it a little bit shortened. I s
  11. I've been stranded here many times, always looking for news from model making. From today I am finally part of the Model Ship World forum. Until my English is a little better, the Google translator should help me here. So excuse my writing style. The model building has been my companion for many years with interruptions. A new start in 2005 in historic sailing ship model construction came to an end with the construction stop of HMS Victory by Sergal. Not satisfied with the kit model, I have been building a simple fishing boat for 6 years to improve my mat
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