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  1. Very interesting boat building, it was certainly not easy to seal this. Greetings Matthias
  2. Hello Miguel, @Dannebrog Mod from Biiling my English has to improve.
  3. Hello @Kevin nice that you like the boat. It's just a work boat but it has a nice shape.
  4. Hello Steven, @Louie da fly Limewood is not very hard. It is ideal for practicing. The burl is still ok up to a scale of 1:50. Then boxwood is better. Here is the block I freed the captain from.
  5. Hello Oliver, nice to meet you here too. Great progress. Greetings Matthias
  6. Hello Richard, @RichardG nice that you like it. The old captain is my first attempt at carving. It is made of linden wood and also in 1:20 scale.
  7. Hello friends, thanks for the likes and Jan for your welcome ...
  8. Hello everyone and thank you for the welcome greetings. The fishing boat is a “Zeesboat” from the region of the European Baltic Sea. I also found a Zeesboot from @Mirabell61 here in msw - a nice model. I build in 1:20 scale. The fuselage and stems are made of pear wood and the metal parts are made of brass. Starting as a test model, it has developed quite well. But there are also some mistakes I have a construction report on the boat in other forums. Inserting this here takes a lot of time. It also needs to be translated. If there is a lot of interest I can show it a little bit shortened. I s
  9. I've been stranded here many times, always looking for news from model making. From today I am finally part of the Model Ship World forum. Until my English is a little better, the Google translator should help me here. So excuse my writing style. The model building has been my companion for many years with interruptions. A new start in 2005 in historic sailing ship model construction came to an end with the construction stop of HMS Victory by Sergal. Not satisfied with the kit model, I have been building a simple fishing boat for 6 years to improve my mat
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