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  1. Looks very neat and clean, as ever, Ben. (Though I think you mean rudder, not anchor, straps). I've chosen not to install the gunwale rails until all of the deck fittings are in place. In theory this is to enable maximum access, though really it's because I think it will be a pain. It's coming up, though.
  2. Buying one a month is a good idea, but my real problem is I would need another bench in the shipyard, and the Rear Admiral likes to sleep their every other month. And perhaps more importantly the Admiral thinks it's a bedroom. Best of luck next week.
  3. Ah, of course! And having inadvertently sanded the keel on my Snake, giving me grief subsequently, thankyou for the reminder of a lessons I should have learned. And thanks for your filler recipe. M
  4. You make a compelling case for spray paint and masking tape, James. The knock-out argument is how convincing the planking on the main wale looks with such a uniform coat of paint. That and the assembly of the quarter galleries is huge testament to the quality of the kit design. Kudos to you and @chris watton for your respective roles. Some questions: I'm sure this will be clear in the manual, but did you change your mind about masking-off the keel? The photographs shows it masked but then painted. What kind of filler do you use? It looks fine-grained, hard, and buff col
  5. I should confess I stole that colour scheme from @Beef Wellington...
  6. Hi Sjors Thanks so much for the details of the coppering and of your tools. Have you used double-sided tape this way before. I would worry a little that over time the adhesive would go brittle. If not, then this looks like the future to me: quick and clean is what we all aim for. Your list of tools is pretty exactly what I’m thinking about (though that would be news to the admiral!). I’d be tempted by a chop saw, but I’ve not looked much beyond the lathe and bench drill. I think you can get extensions in Australia, and we spend quite a lot of time there when there isn’t a
  7. Here is very exciting news! It would be a travesty if the range and quality of your products couldn't support two employees, so I sincerely hope this comes to pass, soon.
  8. On the basis of the two very small parts I have bought from you, the packing service has been exemplary, so I'm sure you will miss the support. We all will too, that's why there have ben so many expressions of concern! In all seriousness, best wishes to her for a speedy recovery.
  9. Good progress Sjors. Double-sided tape is interesting, did you apply it to the hull and then stick on the tiles? On another point, I'm thinking of buying some Proxxon tools, and I can see you have some. What do you recommend? Mike
  10. Working on the deck fittings. The gratings were fiddly, but fun. Sadly the supplied walnut strip for the framing was split, and the replacement I ordered was very pale, essentially the same colour as the deck. So I stained it a kind of teak colour, that makes sanding to fit and end-grains difficult, so I mitred the corners. I have also added a galley flue and rearranged the path of the cable. The flue is solid, though, as has been remarked elsewhere, it usually sported a cap when not in use; I imagined my cap being of sheet copper Next, the compan
  11. Stunning as ever. Have missed your work over the last couple of months. Hope you are well, and thanks for sharing. Mike
  12. Great to see you back, Ben. Your Snake looks crisp and clean as ever. Mike
  13. A little bit of blackening. I'm moving onto the deck furniture now, and thought I would start by installing the ringbolts (largely for the guns, but in other places too) while nothing else was in the way. There are 200 of these provided, in nice shiny copper. So that's 200 tiny pieces to be painted black. And there are 4 eyebolts and then 5 little photo-etched (PE) brass pieces for each gun. So the guns alone have 162 tiny pieces to be painted black. I also need to decide what to do with the gun barrels. So I thought I would try some chemical blackening of the kind described here.
  14. And I this https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B00KR9IW9U/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 ditto!
  15. Couldn't agree more. Will be hunting down some "matte-finish lacquer-based clear nail top coat".
  16. Stunning model. I like to believe the speed and quality of James’ work stems from the quality of Chris’ design - so I too could be this quick. Not (entirely) true, of course. And it’s about the journey anyway. But IWOOT as the kids used to say.
  17. Erik, she’s absolutely beautiful, small wonder you have her on display as people enter the house. I’m impressed by your rope-work and that the nail polish you have used is not obvious at all in the photographs. Would you mind sharing the details of the product you used? The bottle coyly has it back to us in one of the phots, and I can see it’s an OPI product from Coty, and appears to be available in the UK. But that doesn’t narrow it down much! Anyway, well done on the build. Mike
  18. Just did a quick search for Endeavour Longboats, having negleted them since I finished mine. Found yours. Great start, how’s it going? Mike
  19. Just found this - or rather something you posted elsewhere. Looking though your log brought back great memories of building my version last year - and we are both in Yorkshire! Anyway your work looks very clean and the hull looks very fine. How are you getting on with the rigging? cheers Mike
  20. Hi @Dougal Mack. At the end of my build log for Endeavour’s Longboat (link in the sig, below), I took some reasonably high definition photographs that show how I ran the rigging. If you are still looking for guidance that might help. Any other details feel fre to post and tag me,and I’ll see what I can do to help.
  21. Only just realised that I did not follow this last year - and now it's finished. Lovely job and interesting to see her "nude" that is, un-painted. Just had a pleasant 20 min scrolling through while I waited for a phone call. Great work.
  22. And as a special extra, some months early, I checked the display stand fits. I what to install it permanently at the point when inverting the gull becomes too risky. And as it happens I manage to spring one of the cathead by inverting it to install the bow cheeks. Fixed that with a little thin CA, and can protect them easily enough, so will revert to the cradle until the gunwales are on. But this looks pretty sweet I think: The slots in the columns were just under 5 mm wide, and the copper-coated keel just on 6 mm, so I had to file 1 mm of brass out of the col
  23. And the third instalment: bow cheeks Not much to it really. Bit of care with the angles to get a good fit.
  24. Next - fit the tiller. I deliberately left this until after I had the stern platform assembled to ensure there was no clash. Bit of attention to get the angles right, then I drilled a 1.5 mm hole in the rudder post. In my version of the kit, the tiller is 1.8 mm walnut ply - which does not require pinning with 1 mm wire. However, it presented a problem. To fit to the hole, I rounded off the "spur" removing most of the external ply from it. It then had no strength and "sprung" as I tried to fit it. I spliced in a short length of 1.5x1.5 walnut: I rounded of the extern
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