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  1. I read that its good practice to add acrylic modeling paste to unpainted surface before painting as it makes the surface much smoother. Is this a good idea and of so what is the best product to use? I see it comes in medium and medium heavy, which is best? Is there a light version? B
  2. I've been building the Bluenose II and found the best way forward is to read instructions a bit ahead of where you are currently, that way you can decide on what tools or supplies you need and get them before you need them. I find a lot of what I need on Amazon. If you buy only what you think you'll need next you won't waste money on stuff you don't use. Just a thought.
  3. New to this site and not sure if this is how to start a build log. If I'm doing something wrong please advise me for future postings. Below are pictures of my progress so far. Slow but sure as I have never built a wooden model before. I do have a question regarding the bow. Do I file the front supports down to the shape of the ship or are they needed in future? Pic's in instructions doesn't show what to do.
  4. Thanks to everyone for your responses to my airbrush questions. Very helpful indeed.
  5. I’ve just started building my first wooden model the Bluenose II. I think it would look more professional if I were to paint parts with an airbrush. Having never used an airbrush I’m wondering which is the best one to buy?
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