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  1. Any progress on your build? I am really enjoying your build and hope all is well. I miss your updates. Dan
  2. Switched to snapshot and apart from it being ugly it is workable, thank you Blue Ensign. Dan
  3. In Safari the icons are ginormous! Enough to make the site unworkable. I trust that some tech person will be along soon to sort it all out because I'm not feeling to love at the moment. Dan
  4. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work on these smaller projects. I never seem to have the time, patience or skills to finish a full ship build. I always start well then fade in the stretch and abandon ship somewhere on the way. I love these smaller projects you are doing as not only do they allow for a taste of all the different kinds of materials, techniques and finishes that a whole kit offers but in a smaller bite sized project with some hope of a finish. One of the great draws of ship building for me is all the myriad of things and materials to play with. Sigh, maybe one day.... Till then keep having fun and boy she's going to look nice finished Dan
  5. Thank you for sharing your wonderful build. I am very inspired by just how fine and clean your details are. It motivates me to upgrade much of my past work and improve my future builds. I am following along and enjoying myself immensely, better still I want to got out to the bench and do better work. Thanks! Dan
  6. Looks mighty fine. A great improvement over trying to cobble together the broken kit parts. Did you think to score a deep groove lengthwise down the top rails so you could use a very dark paint wash to fake the separation? This structure will be much stronger than the kits parts that is for sure. I hope you are on the mend and feeling better. All my best wishes. Dan
  7. May I humbly suggest that you look at using soldered brass strip. If you pre-tin the top rail and make a simple jig you should be able to put this together pretty easily even if you are new to soldering. Much stronger result and once painted shouldn't look out of place. IHTH I am so enjoying your build and your ship looks beautiful. Dan
  8. A wise and elegant substitution for a fragile part that if broken latter in the build would have caused a lot of problems. Good solution. Dan
  9. Thank you for sharing a most wonderful build. I really like how this kit allows you to have a taste of each kind of construction and still provides a pleasing model. Your gun carriage is marvellous and justifiably the star of the show. I wish you sweet sailing to the completion of you build. Dan
  10. I am very much going to enjoy watching how your build progresses. I hope you are having fun as this is a wonderful old kit. Just don't get too bogged down on those three part decks. Dan
  11. Thank you for your interest in my long stalled Constitution. I don't visit this forum as much as I would like. While not abandoned, I have had to put the Constitution into cold storage so to speak. I have pulled the kit out on many occasions over the last few years but as my desire to build a top notch model far, far exceeded both my skill and available time to model . I have sadly returned her to the to do latter shelf. Over the last year or so I have had a radical rethinking of just what I would like to accomplish with my models and have started to make rules or limits as to what scale of project I will take on. How this relates to this build is that once I clear some projects from my work bench I will be re starting this build with a much more focused approach to just what level of detail I can reasonably finish in a given amount of time. As an example I will remove much of the rigging I have added to the guns as it is, clumsy, over scale and cannot be readily seen on the finished model. Anything that is not easily seen will be omitted and that which is will be simplified as much as possible with an eye to what will look good and can be build quickly. There are so many wonderful Constitution builds that I have been reading incorporating outstanding levels of detail that if I try and follow that path I will end in madness, frustration and in the end a poor model to show for my efforts. Better to distill the best ideas I can and get something built. If I do have any skill it is painting and that is where I will focus my efforts. I will continue to treat each new part like it's own separate miniature and keep painting with multiple thin coats of acrylics, glazes and washes. Until then I'll keep reading and learning from the many excellent builders on this forum. A huge thank you to you all for sharing such fantastic models. Dan
  12. I am sure that I am not the only one to be very glad you are well and that you have taken up the Constitution again. I will take a moment to thank you for all you have done so far with your build. Your build log has been most educational and informative. I can tell you that I look forward with much anticipation and interest in just what you come up with next. Thank you for taking the time to share your build with us. Dan
  13. A most excellent start. I very much look forward to your continued progress on this beautiful kit. I trust you are having fun. I applaud your decision to just build the kit your way and not get too bogged down in all the possible details and minutiae. I have stalled on my build for just that very reason, navel gazing at just which bits to 'improve'. Be bold and continue on your course and you will no doubt have a most stunning model in time. Thanks for sharing. ( and for reminding me to get mine back off the shelf of Doom. ) Dan
  14. Thank you Ken. Thanks for taking both the time and energy to create both a wonderful model and a clear, educational and inspiring WIP. I have the highest regard for both your skill as a builder and communicator. One day I will stare in to the abyss of my skill base and take up my quest to finish my Constitution buoyed by a number of your informative WIP's. You are a treasure trove of ideas and techniques and guide to just what a modeller can accomplish with knowledge, skill and persistence. Long may you continue to enjoy this hobby of ours. Dan
  15. It is fantastic to see that you are continuing this wonderful build. Also nice to see that you have got your new mill, I'm sure you will find much joy and many uses for it. I hope you share them as I for one would love to see more information about machining with these smaller mills. Very envious as I'd love to have one to mess about with. I am looking forward to see what you have in store for us next. Dan
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