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  1. Without doubt this is going to be the best model of the Victory that has ever been available. Being particularly interested in the Victory siince the late 1950's I have built models of the ship from the first version produced by Airfix (very small that came in a plastic bag) followed by at least two of their larger version and several from Revell. The last Victory I built was the 1/78 Panart version which was unfortunately damaged in a house move 4 years ago. Therefore I have started saving up for this long awaited beauty from Amati/Victory Models. I am currently working
  2. Henrik I have recently started to build Caldercraft's HMS Agamemnon and have noticed the shape of the top of the lower gundeck, particularly as I am in the process of adapting this deck and the to enable it to be fitted out with cannon on carriages, chain pumps, hatches, capstans,& gratings etc. I suspect that this shape may be linked to the "sheer" of the hulls of ships of this type/period. Best wishes and enjoy your build. Jon
  3. John I have tried a number of matt varnishes over the years and have found the best to be Humbrol Matt Cote. This dries very clear with no yellowing. I hope this helps. Jon B East Sussex
  4. Chris I am a very new member of Model Ship World but have been following with great interest your development of the Victory in 1/64 scale. This is certainly the most superb kit I have seen. Whilst I completed a 1/78 scale Victory at around the time of the 200th anniversary of Trafalgar I will certainly be buying this 1/64 scale version and start all over again!. Currently I am building HMS Diana with the standing rigging underway with my next project being HMS Agamemnon. Snake and Cruiser are also sitting under my work bench All of course in 1/64 scale. It will be great to have a 1/64 Vic
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