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  1. Hello Mike, I've been at work on the Pegasus again after a long delay. I've gotten to the masts and, as you'll remember, portions of most masts and yards are square. I've been trying to merge the two designs onto some masts where (from bottom to top) there will be a square, then round/tapered, then square of one diameter then another. How did you go about making the square portions and aligning the faces from one segment to the other? Is there a tutorial for this that you know of? I'd appreciate your assistance or those of other correspondents. Chris Miller
  2. I want to let the group know that I have decided to construct the Pegasus (Amati Victory Series). I ordered the kit from Cornwall for a LOT less than it's usually found elsewhere. I ordered it on Saturday online and it arrived on Wednesday morning. Amazing! Many thanks to all of you. I'll be looking for a couple of good build logs, and I'm sure they're on this forum site. Chris
  3. Ron, Any thoughts about when the Amati kit by Watton might arrive? I've seen nothing definitive. Chris
  4. Ron, Thanks for the heads up re: Cornwall. As it happens, I spotted their price and even went to the trouble of asking for a price verification. Amazing difference. Your info helps me a great deal in price and handling. Thanks. Chris
  5. Hi again, I noticed that a couple of guys made mention of the guns and gun carriages on Pegasus and suggested that they might need replacing. What seems to be the issue? Is it size, that is, are they disproportionate? Are they too large, or too small? Or is the construction faulty? How about replacements? Where do I go (have you gone) to find appropriate replacements? What vendor and item #? Many thanks. I'm getting closer to taking the step to buy. Chris
  6. Thanks to all of you. The Pegasus seems to get the nod, but not by much. Thanks for your time and consideration of your ideas.
  7. Hello, In the continuing search for my next project I have been looking at two similar offerings in the Amati Victory class of kits: HMS Pegasus and HMS Fly. The designer, Chris Watton, has received fine reviews, I'm told. On the surface, the two models appear to be very alike. Would those of you who have info agree? There are only superficial differences that I can see in the website pictures of these two ships. Are there material, or major, differences in the builds? How extensive are the instructions? Are the plans complete, well organized and clearly drawn? I've recently completed USS Constitution with which I'm very happy and proud. Also, a Mayflower done in mahogany that looks great, according to biased grandchildren, and a scratch-built Viking Drakkar using Amati plans (they were OK only) that's going to an office in Northern Virginia. Bottom line is, I believe either model would be very doable. Finally, I've noted that Bob Hunt has a practicum on the Pegasus/Fly. I've done a few of his practicums in the past. Any remarks about this practicum? Many thanks to all who may offer ideas, impressions, opinions, assistance of any kind. Chris Miller
  8. One last question and then I'll quit. I've seen the Caldercraft model shown with a stock # of CC 9014 and C 9014. The former is the one seen on most US websites with a price of about $1,200. The latter is shown on at least one UK website at $800. Is there likely any difference? Chris
  9. I have seen the Caldercraft Victory shown as stock #CC9014 and #C9014. Does it seem to anyone that it is likely to be the same or different product? Chris
  10. Mike, Thanks for the explanation and for the other feedback, as well. Caldercraft has a steep price, that's for sure. Chris
  11. Thanks to all of you guys for the input and opinions. Overall size will have to be weighed but all the kits are sizable. One of you asked my skill level. I guess I would classify myself as upper intermediate perhaps. I've done a Constitution that I'm really happy with and have received many nice comments. Just did a Mayflower in mahogany for my daughter and her children. (Had thought of doing the Charles W. Morgan but, then, thought better of it as I would have to explain to a 7 and 9 year-old what a whaler did and how they did it!) Also have just finished a heavily bashed Amati (almost a scratch build) of a Viking longboat. Looks great and I feel the owner will like it. I am wondering about the negative comment regarding the "pre-made" sides of the Caldercraft. What's that all about? I don't understand what Caldercraft has done. Chris
  12. Hello, I am considering HMS Victory for my next project. I've decided that before I begin the Victory, I'd like some input from others who've done one. I would appreciate your input and frank appraisal of your kit, the manufacturer, and whether you would use them again if starting over. If not, then which? I would use a kit as a basis but would likely engage in some bashing to enhance authenticity. I would also likely use a good reference like Longridge or one of the many others. Ideas on resources are greedily accepted. Input on wood quality; fitting (wood and metal) quality; plans quality (completeness, readability, accuracy); instruction (readability and accuracy of descriptions, quality of illustrations); accuracy of description of masting and rigging; etc. Any input that you would like to share would be most gratefully acknowledged. Many thanks, Chris Miller
  13. Thanks to both of you for this info. I've ordered the New Mayflower with plans and look forward to getting it soon.
  14. Hi, I am working on the MS model (#2020) of the Mayflower for my grandchildren. They've decided that they want sails on the ship and the plans that come with this kit do not include schemes for sails. The model is scaled at 5/32". Rigging is likely to need enhancement, and I feel I can work out any modifications. Do any members have plans or drawings that would give me dimensions and rigging plans for sails? Appreciate any help. Was given Chuck Pasaro's name, as he drew the plans, but have no email address for him. Thanks, Chris
  15. Hi, I am about to complete a kit-bashed model of the USS Constitution in 5/32" from MS. I need to (must!) find a display case for the model. I would be willing and open to having the case built and sent to me -- without glass -- so that I can assemble the parts, apply the finish, etc. Alternatively, I could receive the model with glass but that is a more expensive proposition, particularly as it applies to shipping costs. I propose to have a wood (likely walnut, but am open to ideas) case which, as I said, I would fine-sand, stain, varnish and install locally bought glass. I have no possibility of building the case myself. Inside Dimensions would be 50" L x 38" H x 18.5" W (Depth). Can anyone help. Please. I am open to any options, in addition to that mentioned above. I called Nature Coast where I had bought a case several years ago, but their source had retired. Feel free to respond here or at my email. Many thanks! Chris Miller dchrismiller@nc.rr.com

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