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  1. Hello Peter, Your work is great! Congratulations. I have decided to build the Wasa (Vasa) as my next project. It seems from the evidence online that the Billing Boat kit is superior to the Corel. Maybe not, but I get the feeling that the Corel is based on a 40 year old design. My need is for guidance from you is this: What is the quality and thoroughness of the plans and instructions? Are there, in fact, plan sheets or are there just the drawings that are part of an instruction guide. I am very visual in my way of reading/following a (construction) process. What's y
  2. Hello Mike, I've been at work on the Pegasus again after a long delay. I've gotten to the masts and, as you'll remember, portions of most masts and yards are square. I've been trying to merge the two designs onto some masts where (from bottom to top) there will be a square, then round/tapered, then square of one diameter then another. How did you go about making the square portions and aligning the faces from one segment to the other? Is there a tutorial for this that you know of? I'd appreciate your assistance or those of other correspondents. Chris Miller
  3. Thanks to both of you for this info. I've ordered the New Mayflower with plans and look forward to getting it soon.
  4. Hi, I am working on the MS model (#2020) of the Mayflower for my grandchildren. They've decided that they want sails on the ship and the plans that come with this kit do not include schemes for sails. The model is scaled at 5/32". Rigging is likely to need enhancement, and I feel I can work out any modifications. Do any members have plans or drawings that would give me dimensions and rigging plans for sails? Appreciate any help. Was given Chuck Pasaro's name, as he drew the plans, but have no email address for him. Thanks, Chris
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