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  1. Work? I though you were a retired man. So you make all these ships besides a normal working day? Respect!
  2. Is there any news on this build yet? Its been a few weeks now, and im running out of patience😉😁 ... just like a little kid in a model shop.. 😇 Hope to see something new soon, have a great weekend everyone!
  3. Really nice build! Maybe i didn't see it in all the posts.. but when is this kit to be expected for sale?
  4. This vessel is also scratch build. And i would be full rc, 2 stern thrusters and 2 bow thrusters, working anchor, radar,lights and sounds... the whole deal would be on and in it😀
  5. Well a smit Rotterdam is still a nice vessel, even though its long turned into paperclips.. still a beauty with nice lines.. "my vessel" is build in 2006 and i visited her in 2012. This visit resulted in a couple hundreds photo's and all drawings anyone could think of. I feel like a must to deliver a nice looking model to the Vroon Company😀. So i will do that👍
  6. It sure aint a pirated kit... i could do i pirate flag on top though...😂 But good to know its welcome here, i will post a build log here when the time is there😁 All have a good weekend!
  7. Ok,.good to know🙂 Here is a picture of my first attempt of this vessel.. that is about 8 years ago. Learned alot with this build, so this time it should go much better😂 And remember.. this is a hull made out of paper and cardboard..
  8. Hello fellow model makers, I have been busy reading all kind of topics with very nice build logs. 95% of them are wooden sail ships. So that made me curious.. is it allowed to post a "modern" rc ship build also? I have build a few (failed) projects of a offshore supply vessel. All of them with a differt kind of build.. started with a paper one with lots of expoxy.. but every one of them failed in one way or another.. When i was cleaning out my hobby room, i found all the plans again.. it started to tickle abit.. I'm thinking of doing a final build in
  9. Welcome here😀 you must have a big truck then when it has enough space for a hobby room😉
  10. Do you mean by the old kit with poor instructions, the kit ive got from the 70's?
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