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  1. Evening all, first day back on the pearl after a short break, I decided to have a go at the masts - I am using the kit plastic ones but I am strengthening them on the inside with wood dowels cut to size and glued inside, this makes a very rigid mast. Just the one pic showing one of the masts with the dowels glued inside. OC.
  2. Am I right in thinking - the dark grey band around every obstruction from the deck upwards about a foot or two high, is it a form of water proof paint to seal where the deck meets the superstructure/obstructions? OC.
  3. Thank you sincerely lou, tell you what - its such a relief to be working on this scale also, makes my 1/100 greyhound feel like a toy. OC.
  4. Photo of the pearl - mk2 but she isnt the pearl per say, from the later films. Courtosy of the inter webby thingy. OC.
  5. They were from a different film from what I have molded her on lou, Im building her according to how she was in the second film released. In the first film she looked quite different as she did in the third and forth film, she had slightly different feactures including a skeleton metal figurehead and I think the red band around her waist. What I might do is go over her with a cake burner like they use for burning the top of lemon meringue pies.............Only Joking. OC.
  6. You wait till I build a garden to go with it and build a miniture petrol lawn mower - I know the admiral will want actual working devices like a vacume cleaner etc. OC.
  7. Good day all, another good day on the pearl, I finished painting and weathering the other staircase, and duly fitted it, I then turned my attention to the bow where I fitted the two beakhead rails, these were firstly painted and weathered - then glued in place. They have good shape so I am quite pleased with them. A few pics - OC.
  8. Yep - next build for the foreseeable and into the next zillion years will be a dolls house for the wife, probably finish when Im grey (Hang on - I have no hair)😮 OC.
  9. Thanks mate, the idea is that a bolt head would have been flat in that area and gone through the wall. OC.
  10. Evening all - a bit more progress on the pearl, First I dribbled some watered pva through the holes on the outside wall, then wahen dry I cut the breech rope ends then touched up the holes, then I attached one of the stairways. I then turned my attaention to the other side. Just a few pics. OC.
  11. Over here we get a warning then comes 1/2 an inch of snow and everything comes to a stand still with every thing stopped and canceled. "Our great british spirit" OC.
  12. Great to see you back on this - I had a quick nosey on the earler stages, I wasnt following the build then but will deffo now. OC.
  13. Looking great - I think adding an interior even if its not seen to well, is a great idea. OC.
  14. Im a bit late - but can I also take a seat? I will of course bring some rum, as there is bound to be plenty of popcorn already. OC.
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