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  1. Great to see you back on this - I had a quick nosey on the earler stages, I wasnt following the build then but will deffo now. OC.
  2. Looking great - I think adding an interior even if its not seen to well, is a great idea. OC.
  3. Im a bit late - but can I also take a seat? I will of course bring some rum, as there is bound to be plenty of popcorn already. OC.
  4. Hi there all, more progress today with the first two canons, I attached the wheel units, then found the correct size breeching rope (looks ok in scale) I attached it to the end of the barrel and applied a small amount of pva, then I drilled through the side walls roughly the same thickness as the breech rope, I then rubbed some pva into the ends of the rope to stiffen it, then to seat the canon to the deck - I cut and glued a small piece of wood from decking stock, it was then just a case of passing the rope ends through the holes in side walls - and glued the canons down.
  5. Evening all - more work getting done - its a busy life as a pirate "ay mate - weres me rum" so next step is to build and fit the two canons closest to the cabin bulkhead, reason for these two port and larboard first - is so I can then fit the staircases that route down over the top of them. Each canon assembly is built up from the two sides/bottom/barrel and the wheel blocks, I assembled the assemblies and painted them - minus the wheel blocks that still need to be fitted and painted. Here are two pics showing the work on these two so far. OC.
  6. I have come up with a plan - with the canons breach ropes, I think I could get away with drilling through the sidewalls, then tying a knot in the breach rope and pushing the end through the hole in the wall, this way the knot will obscure the apperance of the hoops that would have been there on the real ship. Think its a plan. OC.
  7. Your work inspires us all and its a pleasure to follow these 1/200 scale builds as they offer that extra insite (due to the scale) into the real ship/s, we have to remember - we are not dealing with plastic models, but scale replicas. OC.
  8. Welcome to the club pete - a few simple rules - 1) make sure to bring popcorn (lots to feed the hungry mob) 2) ask as many qustions about your build/s 3) post lots of pics (we love pics) But most of all - have fun. OC.
  9. Can I just send prayers to all those affected by this Horrendous fire affecting and taking lives. OC.
  10. Wasn't it due to a miss - observation of Bismark by both the shadowing british cruiser and POW who strarted to open fire on Prinz Eugen followed by Hood doing the same, mind you the point to point range at that point was quite long 25 -28 miles, I believe. OC.
  11. Very well said - thoughtful words Thank you. I love your Hood also cant wait to see your build log on her also. OC.
  12. Evening all, today was "Wicked Wench day" under the rear cabin windows are twelve figures of the wicked wench, firstly I painted them on the spru's enamel brass color - then after drying I added a couple of dark washes finished off with highlighting with my dry white brush work. Just the one pic though. OC.
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