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  1. Evening all, on the subject of dust (from my previous post) I have been working on the same area adding some tiny derrick brackets, then painting the two camo colors, then I fitted the two derrick cable support arms, these fitted with ca, they slide down smearing ca glue over my paintwork, when dry I scraped the hard ca glue to try to remove it, then re touched the area with my brush, then I painted the plastic derrick and ca'd some wire to the end - then I glued to the barckets the derrick - again this moved as it was so small and flimsy marring the paintwork with ca, again this had to be scaraped away and the touched up, just not as neat as the original paintwork. So just the two pics tonight. OC.
  2. Very true mate, its easy to get lost in the scale when working under a magnifier and taking macro photos, in the same way we can be very judgemental f our own close up work ( I keep seeing a dusty messy job with my work - one day in the very distant future I must try to save up for a sprayer) OC.
  3. You made a great rescue with those shaped brass pieces, and with the rudder "I know your pain" I did the exact same thing with my build a few years back - too much heavy handling while working on the hull. OC.
  4. Thanks lou, I had wondered as sometime to me the work im doing can feel repetitive - touching up work then going back over it to correct some over paint, so when I post some work on here it can be from several hours work - but not show much for it. OC.
  5. I was just thinking - am I posting too often about boring sections of build, would it be more interesting and less repitative, if I only posted developments and pics after completing more work ? OC.
  6. Evening all, more progress with front lower section, I added the middle gun tubs and filled and sanded the area, then a few areas of painting was completed, finishing off with the two sides being fitted. Just the two pics showing the state of play with the assembly dry fitted on the deck. OC.
  7. Here is a photo of Hornet full of bombers waiting to do the Doolittle Raid. Courtosy of I Love WW2 Planes on Twitter. OC.
  8. Thought I would post a drawing I have been working on - showing how the ole girl will look when finished. OC.
  9. Hi danny, I know this like from ages ago but I found out what those round columbs are for - they are the 4in mount supports. OC.
  10. Evening all, once again many thanks for the likes those taking the time to view my build. I made my first steps at assembling the main forward block - first stage is to work on the first level oerlikon deck, after tyding up the bulwarks I made the decision to fit some wood decking - this required me to make a paper template first to get the correct shape of the fittings already on the deck, after cutting and test fitting a few times, I then transfered this onto the wood deck pieces I have left over, then I gently cut them out. I then painted dark deck grey around the edges where there is no decking, next stage will be to add the middle gun tub and the bottom pieces. Just the two pictures. OC.
  11. In the photos I have seen they are weathered so much thay have lost their white color and became a shaded grey color, hence why I just shaded them slightly. OC.
  12. Good day all, another good day on the ole girl, I managed to paint up both x and y turrets including doing a bit of shading and dry brushing, by using a fine pencil and dry white painting. So both turrets are now glued in position and I can move on to the main structure. Here a few pics showing where I am at this stage. OC.
  13. Evening all, so carrying on from building my 15in mk1s, next step was to add the different bits of pe - including steps, escape hatch and access platforms under the rangefinders, after these had fixed it was time to paint the x turret, this was going to be AP507B mid grey - after several thin coats I decided to do a little bit of highlighting by dry brushing some white, it came out quite good I think. Just a few pics. OC.
  14. Thanks lou, its a combination of factors to be honest, but I have checked them and they are square strangly enough. OC.
  15. Hiya sam, I have been catching up with your build, you are doing a lovely job so much fine work. OC.
  16. I agree with denis - way worth it they show very well the painting you did. OC.
  17. Thank you for the kind words denis - really appreciate it, are you on about the four casements on each side below the main deck level? these were removed late 43 and just left their casements, the openings for the barrels was plated over and the casements were turned round leaving a smooth round appearence, they used to house 6in units but was decided they were not needed hence their removal. OC.
  18. I use a small round (pointy) stick to admisnister ca - I make a puddle of it in an lid, then just dab the end of the stick in it then dab it on where I want it, this way I can control how much glue goes were I want it. OC.

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