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  1. Use a sharp blade and mark a line about 5-6mm wide following the edge of the rudder post and also along the keel, then carefully scrape a grove cutting away from the line inwards so that when done the grove will go from about 2-3mm deep backwards and inwards to nothing. Its purpose is for the planks that end at the rudder end have thier plank ends fit flush into the grove, and the plans you fit against the keel has an edge to help keep the plank against the keel tidy and hides the planks inner edge. In these pictures I quickly did it shows the view of the lines looking side on to the keel and rudder post. and in the other pic it shows the angle to cut/scrape into to get a grove, with the keel sometimes you need to fit a keelp piece onto the bottom of the false keel, and cut in the grove up to this. Hope this helps. OC.
  2. Should see me in a model or toy shop then - Im like a little kid "wait! I am a little kid" OC.
  3. Really impressive work my friend - all those wood panels are really making a huge difference, what a lovely piece of work you are doing. OC.
  4. Dont worry at all about any gaps with the first decking piece as your actual decking boards will fit ontop of this and they will cover any gaps, also there will be the inside bulwark (side wall) area to fit planks like when you plank a garden fence - ontop of eache othe flush not overlapping each other. Personaly I would do you inside first consisting of your side planks and deck planks (But what I would do to get the right scale thickness of your hull wall (it should be about 2 - 3 scale feet in thickness) the way to do this is to carefully trim down the top section of each frame down to where they meet the deck, if you do this so each one is the same width and thickness following the profile of the curve, this would just be done on the inside of the frames (Not the outside edge) After you have trimmed down each frame and they are all the same, next I would start planking your deck (this is ofcourse after you have glued down the sheet deck you show in your pics above) start planking from the center line working left and right so they eventualy fill the deck with the same amount of deck boards laft and right, I would then leave a slight gap near to the frames so you can start to fill in the side walls as I mentioned. After a row or two of wall planks are on all the way from bow to stern, you can then fill the gap of missing deck boards by fitting a side deck board line, that acts like a frame and is flush with the deck boards but bends round to follow the hull wall shape. ##Foregot to mention at the front bow end you might need to end your inside wall planking in the center of the first frame - same with the curved deck edging plank, these could be fitted after you have done some outside hull planking in the frontall area. Hope this is clear enough. OC.
  5. Looking good starting in good fashion, You might find it usefull with keeping all the frames an equal distance from each other by starting from the very front frame, measure a perfect triangle from the front of the beak head where the figurehead goes, back to each edge of the very front frame, that way you start off with a lined up front, after doing this I would brace between each and every frame with pieces of wood say 2x2mm place then top and bottom between frames (but make sure they are perfectly the same size as each other between a frame) continue this all the way to the rear. This way it makes sure your framed skeleton is both sqaure - equaly spaced frames and also braced for strength that will help stop the frames from moving. Hope this helps. OC.
  6. Piet great work you are doing you really are bringing such a beautiful ship to life, I know your farther would be proud of you and what you are doing. OC.
  7. Lovely precise work, its amazing how we all start with pices of wood and end up creating something of beauty. OC.
  8. He may have a book in the pipeline as he is a credited writter you should follow him on twitter, thats where much of the promotion is going on. Duty @dutythefilm ‏ OC.
  9. Lou firstly I need to make it clear Its not my script but a good friends, I am just trying to help bring good folks attention to it, as I feel it is a Must Do project, the gentleman behind it who has written the script has put a lot of time and research into it, and my imput is just to help however I can to get the film script noticed by people. Its an exciting and very enjoyable journey and well worth the effort as Nelson has always been my number one hero and naval interest. Thank you sincerely for replying to me OC.
  10. I think a great film about Nelson is way over due, and if it does release its full potential then it has all the makings to be a Stunning film even better that Master and Commander. OC.
  11. Good evening folks, I have decided my next move with my build will be to increase the width of the black band that was just covering the wale, I will measure an equal gap from the top feature edging downwards to above the top of the wale and mark a line, I will then mask this and fill in with the same black as the wale. Here is a picture of similar frigate to show how I want to extend the black band. OC.
  12. I had to do a similar thing with my stick down wood sheet deck on my Warspite as it was slightly too short compared to the hull, I made my join/gap in the center between superstrucer blocks. OC.
  13. Wow! that hull looks real nice so smooth she is coming along so well. OC.
  14. Just posting a link to the discussion about the film I have mentiond folks - Please have a visit. OC.
  15. Hi All, I have a good friend who has an extensive interest in Nelson and all things Navy, he has put considerable time into creating an amazing script for a new film all about Lord Nelson and his life going all the way through to his death at Trafalgar. I have been helping him promote this excellnet film, we have put the script forward to an interested film director/producer, and as they say "time will tell". It will be the most complete film about Nelson ever produced and a true Epic of a film. Here is a link to the Twitter page for it - Duty @dutythefilm ‏ Follows you 1805 England is at war with France and Spain. Napoleon is set to invade England, all that stands in his way is the Royal Navy. copyright Jeremy Webb. @jemweb OC. Thank you sincerely for looking, any questions please get back to me. OC.
  16. Thanks mate I asked Chuck and he suggested the general chat forum so guess shore leave is in the same section? OC.
  17. I've asked him to join up on here and have a look at a few of the Vic builds and also to have a look at my build, I was wondering if the mods would let me pt something up about the film. OC.

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