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  1. Thank you EJ, its kind of like a mile stone, just need to trim back the breach ropes sticking out of the bulkhead and touch the holes up, then I can move on to the row of lids/ropes. OC.
  2. I must be on a roll - more work on the pearl today after our walk with the pooch, so - carrying on with the rest of the canons, carrying on with same procedure I now present to you the canon-ised pearl. OC.
  3. Your pom poms look the business carl - they will look so sharp when completed, it all helps to bring the ship alive. OC.
  4. Happy New Year to everyone, I managed to get on the pearl today and continue with the canons, same procedure as before trapping the breach ropes then gluing then inplace - firstly I glued into the place the next two that had been painted and weathered, then I worked on the next six prior to painting. Oh an interesting thing though - my brother tells me he has has a little model prezzy for me coming my way soon, "Im intrigued" OC.
  5. Amazing work bob - truly first class, what an inspiration you are to the rest of us. Happy New Year to you. OC.
  6. Superb work on all of them - love the detail and the colors. I used to play a bit of bass when I used to own this one, a few years back - I kind of tried to learn bass and sax but my main instrument has always been keyboards I still practice using digital laptop synths with a plug in cheap digital keyboard I have had for years. This was my bass. OC.
  7. Good day all - Happy Holidays to all, First day back on the pearl in what feels like ages, any way I decided to carry on working from the inside - out, this ment working on the canons starting by assembling the canon/carriages, then I fixed the breach ropes and working on two at a time - I applied a few coats of paint then weathered them, I also fitted a thin strip of wood under the carriage to aid gluing them down to the deck. I used the same trick as the previous canons - I drilled two fine holes through the bulkhead to take the breach ropes. So two have
  8. I have found this - it might help? - https://www.hms-victory.com/restoration-log/hms-victory-repainted-battle-trafalgar-colours OC.
  9. I read that they have stripped back some of the paintwork and found traces of the different color - hence why they have re painted her in that color. OC.
  10. Reminds me almost like the color applied to British Fources vehicles during the Gulf War - it was then called desert pink. OC.
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