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  1. You was still on one and saw service - sounds good enouth to me, you was still part of the Hueys history either flying or doing what you did - same difference and importance in my eyes - respect to you sir. OC.
  2. That is looking amazing mate - all that attention to detail that you have done, all that pe just looks so crisp. OC.
  3. Strange ghosty reflection in your (bounty)? case greg looks like its trying to take a photo of your ship - at an angle. OC.
  4. Are these any good denis - from an airshow I did a few years back - its the British Sally B herirage flight B17G. OC.
  5. I cheat with my ratlines as I do a half knot at one end to start from then add a dab of ca, then I just do a simple loop around the middle ratlines till I get to the other end where I do another half knot and add another dab of ca (inlcuding the inner loops) - said I cheated. OC.
  6. Looking good - you should find things starting to tension up with all the stays etc, mine has on the pearl. OC.
  7. Thanks mark, took abit of pleading to thier better nature - but yeah bit of good news for a change. OC.
  8. Morning/afternoon/evening all, Well im still playing the frustration game with this laptop (like a car that struggles to start and takes several attamepts then dies part way through) anyway - I had intended to do a bit more on the pearl today as I want to finish her befor my 100th however - I spent most of the day chasing up the store we had our washing machine from, as the door seal has broke (again twice in 14 months) anyway end result they are fixing it F.O.C despite it being out of warrantee, as the last repair was not done correctly (thier wording) just have
  9. I think you have done a fab job - considering with smaller ships even at 1/350 scale, there isn't much room to work with - so it takes more skill and eyesight to do such a lovely job. OC.
  10. I am digging my heels in and not wanting to go over to windows 10, my way of thinking was/is if I have a good working version of 7 good firewalls and anti virus and dont update it, then there should be no need to go over to 10. OC.
  11. Fully agree with you lou - they have too much control in 10 I understand you can not turn off updates in ten either meaning microsoft can install what they want. OC.
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