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  1. This is Truly excellent work with the stairs, in most cases with ship builds - not enouth scale space is given for the stairs vs the frame, meaning in real life sailors would be banging thier heads against the deck framework, similar I have seen with scale distance for the deck widths - there should be twice plus a third the length of a gun from the bulwark to the frame of the gratings. OC.
  2. Dont Over - clean out a petrol blow torch with parafin and put it by an open fire to dry out...............BoooooooooooMMMMMMM. OC.
  3. Hi all, some good progress today - I went and dusted the pearl, as there was a layer of dust on her and she was crying out, - thats it (told you there was good progress)😋 But! in the meantime I have been creating this - OC.🎹
  4. Thank you so much mark, I dream some of my synth riffs would make good film music, and other colabarations - who knows. OC.
  5. Another one of my hobies is making music using digital synths on my laptop then mixing in laptop recording devices. https://de-stijlsynthbass.bandcamp.com/ OC.
  6. Hi all, I have been doing more research on my late farther and came across this link to one of the bases where he was working - http://rafdownhammarket.com/ I am trying to do as much research as possible as it will make the build of the mosquito that much more special. OC.
  7. Very fine work you are doing on this Very important little vessel. OC.
  8. That link shows a current project to explain what HMS Pickle and her captain became famous for - it is facainating - and explained in some detail on Twitter - https://twitter.com/LtLapenotiere OC.
  9. You are doing some great work, thought this might be of interest - thetrafalgarway.org OC.
  10. Happy birthday Trafalgar Day. OC.
  11. I asked about Cresswell as I used to work for them as the assembler/engineer putting our range of recumbents-folders and hook on carriers together and testing new products, we were a small company with a very small workforce - great times while I was there. OC.
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