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  1. If by having a look at my build (as I too am building a 18th century Frigate) it would be an honour and if you cane get any tips from by build - that would be great. OC.
  2. Any kit is achievable patience and time and most important - enjoying it. OC.
  3. I was going to leave it for one of the mods to welcome you to our unique little family, but I thought I would anyway. OC.
  4. Just found this Fantastic. Thank you for posting this Kev. OC.
  5. Lovely work and what a great subject. Have you seen this I posted - https://modelshipworld.com/index.php?/topic/18038-new-film-about-nelson-and-trafalgar/ OC.
  6. I think its a facinating subject and possibly one of the most colorful aspects of naval warfare and history, and potentialy could have changed europe in so many ways if nelson and all who where with him, had not won on that day. OC.
  7. So much facinating info above. So hope that the film my friend has written and is currently being looked at by a famous film producer, will bring all this to light in a fantastic way. OC.
  8. Thank you pat, im quite happy with paint scheme now, it took a few goes but got there I feel. OC.
  9. Looking very good, so much commanality between hood and warspite with the position of the props. OC.
  10. Thank you so much darrell for those kind comments, its a very exciting journey and its been well said the potential for this film is Huge, the script is in the hands of a well known film director friend of mine at the moment, he is giving it a thorough look over before coming back to me. OC.
  11. Hiya mate, there has been a bit of interest on here, its home so to speak is on twitter where I am trying to approach as many people as possible, who may be interested or relavent to the films creation, the script is currently being looked over by a well known film producer, and we are awaiting his feedback and direction with the film. Its a facinating journey to be on I have been invited to be an extra on the film. OC.
  12. I managed a bit of progress today folks, I decided to widen the black band upwards from the wale, also I adjusted the stand so the hull sits more firmly on it. OC.
  13. Coming on superbly mate, the detail in those exocets is amazing.OC.
  14. This was from my build - it shows how I placed my first planing against the groves. OC.
  15. Yes I thought about the keel and with my build (like many and possibly yours) there is a length of square timber that you glue to the bottom of the keel, this will give you an area to make a grove up to and will leave it flush with the frames, (I had foregotten about the second keel piece that goes on) sorry if my diagram was missleading in that area. Yes the grove will make the first planking nice and level with the rudder post, as a finnisging strip can go over the rudder to make the second planking flush with the rudder post. With my build I even put some thin planks along the edge of the keel and up the knighthead where the figure head goes, it tidy'ed up where the second planking met the keel and knighthead that way. OC.

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