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  1. Good evening friends, I managed more time at the bench again today, I added a few more details to the bridge decks including ladders upto the main radar, a few more port holes, a couple of stairway hoods, a stairway railing and some voice pipes made from fine wires glued in place then trimmed back. I then started the stages of paintwork from the bridge deck upwards. Another bunch of pics showing painted parts (excluding the radar housing) and all still dry fitted while I am painting the different sections. OC.
  2. Thank you so much harald for those extremely warm kind words, I hope I am doing the ole girl justice with my build - she deserves it due to her life and action. OC.
  3. Evening all, so as I posted yesterday - I continued on the bridge decks, first I constructed two plastic blocks from a few small boxes, after these had glued and set I had to slim them down till they fitted under the ppd deck, they were glued in place and each had a ladder glued to their face. I then started work on the lower bridge deck house and windows - this comes as part kit and part pe, the kit part is the main assembly, windows and roof but the windows are not very well defined - here the pontos pe comes into play in the shape of a strip of windows, I filed off the
  4. Just been sorting out tomorrows work - I need to block in under the hacs/ppd platforms and fit two access ladders, and drill two more port holes on the front of the upper block that would look inside the lower bridge, then I need to add somemore pe parts to form the lower bridge frontage and roof. OC.
  5. Hi all, Once again sincere thanks for all the views. likes and comments. Just a small amount of work done today - I worked on the upper bridge deck and measured and fitted some wood decking in the two sections there, then I fitted the two hacs/ppd (pom pom directors) platforms, and added a few details, then I put them all together - dry fitted to see how they fit. OC.
  6. Evening all, more work today on the ole girl, I decided to make a start on the bridge deck sections, as these needed quite a bit of scratching, first I fitted the two wind deflectors to the bridge deck frontages and added some detail to the gaps, next according to the shipwrights design - I had to make two pe box constuctions that sit next to the upper bridge side walls. So nearly a days work but little steps. OC.
  7. Good evening friends - so today I continued with the signal platform, I added the 40in and 20in searchlights and added some of the small ones, then It was tidied up and the deck weathered abit, so its completed now. OC.
  8. Hello to everyone who has been following this build - I just want to say Im having a bit of a break from it while I am finishing my HMS Warspite build, I will return to her soon. OC.
  9. Good evening all, more positive progress today, I have started work on the main superstructuer signal deck, this in itself needed some adjustments of the kit part, the main area that puzzled me was a semi circuler cut out to the deck and rear bulwark (to my knowledge this cut out had no purpose), so as I was going to plank the deck with the remnants from my wood deck, I decided to cover it up completely (this tallies with the shipwrights model I follow). First thing I needed to do was to cut into the decks two ladder hatchways, this was done with drill pilot holes then shaped wi
  10. Thank you kindly for that, it is a real pleasure and relaxing and when things go to plan I still get that cheeky grin and feeling of jubilation, and thing "wow I did that". OC.
  11. Thank goodness for Acrylics - it was the best day of my life when I first started using them over enamels, no more turps/thiners smell in the room with the wifes acute nose and dislike of strong smells, and the shear convenience of just having a jar of distilled water to clean brushes and a rag between color coats. OC.
  12. Really nice clean colorful work - she will look superb when finished in a case, you should site her Pride of place in your living room. OC.
  13. Good day all, so despite my paint woes I have been able to fix somemore bits on the forward lower deck build-up, these were painted earlier being small parts consisting of - the other derrick and wire cable, a small section of railing the two paravanes, then I drilled out a few port holes but left a few closed. I then gave the completed section a quick coat of clear matt by hand to seal it, then I glued it down onto the deck. Here are a few pics showing this stage but also the with hanger/boat assembly dry fitted just to get an idea how its all coming along.
  14. Sorry I missed sending birthday greetings - hope you had a lovely day and recieved some lovely boat building goodies. OC.
  15. No mate, I just drink coffee out of a jar that just requires milk and water, I have tried thinning it down with disstilled water, I found the bottom of the jars had collected alot of sediement, and even after vigorous stiring and shaking till my hand nearly fell off, it still has some residue that comes out and I cant brush it out smooth enough on the model. Thing is im down to about a fifth of the remaining paint so no wonder im getting all the sediment off the bottom. OC.
  16. Im already scraping the barrel with the paint quantity, some folk used to suggest straining paint through some types of cloth, if I tried that I would have no paint left, to be honest I looked at the three main plastic jars AP507A. AP507B and AP507C befor I statted my recent re build and thought even then that 507B and C where both looking a bit worse for ware and low, but I thought best to just carry on regardless and see how I get on. OC.
  17. I think my problem is Im hand painting with old paint that has small bits inside due to age, I have tried to stir it well and shook the life out of it, im tempted to pause the painting(meaning some building) till I can get some more paint. OC.
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