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  1. Evening all, more work on the pearl today - I attached both upper hull parts, these needed to lock into lugs with careful positioning and gluing, after being held in place with bands, I fitted both port and larboards sections then fitted the poop deck, I have also started to fit some edging strips agains the deck/bulwarks - these were cut and fitted in sections allowing for the water outlets on the deck, I am doing the same to the poop and forecastle decks. A few pics that also show my shipyard mess on the table. OC.
  2. Thank you sincerely, it is another kit modification that I knew needed doing, and it took a little working out how to widen the bottom part of the staircase. OC.
  3. Stage two - attached the hand rail and added a slight bend at the bottom, then slapped a bit of paint on. OC.
  4. Hi all sincere thanks for all the likes and comments - oh and newcomers to the party "me hearties" More work today on the main staircases - I had to makeup somemore treads and fit them between the molded ones, this gives me ten treads the same as on the real ship, next stage will be to give them a slight sanding/filing then the hand rails will be added and painted. OC.
  5. Thank you EJ welcome to the party - popcorn requirment but also rum if you so wish. OC.
  6. Evening all, today I fitted the beakhead deck that was already planked and weathered, then I turned my attention to the two poop deck - quarter deck ladders, the kit parts are pre molded and straight with just five treads - there needs to be nine or ten, also on the real ship the lower part that meets the q deck is wider with a curve, so to simulate this I first cut the inner edge of two of the lowest treads, then I made up some plastic strip the same thickness as the treads and created a small piece to extend the width of the treads. Tomorrow I will add somemore treads
  7. I totally blame this site for showcasing such amazing work from everyone - your all to blame in such an amazing wonderful way. OC.
  8. That doesn't look too bad - its basically giving you three color change back drops, three brollies/tripods/bulbs, a good way of changing the light field - a good dslr and wide to tele zoom would be great say a 24 - 100mm would be good. OC.
  9. Evening all, more work today - I pushed on with the gammoning and had a go at the flapping rope, this I managed and after gluing the end I gave it a coat of paint, I then turned my attention to the anchor ropes - I made the rope thicker by twisting two lengths of thread together, then I soked them in pva and after gave them both a coat of paint. Then when they were dry I pushed the ends through the howser pipes and glued them in place (where they will be hidden by the beakhead deck. OC.
  10. Thanks mark, I think thats what the thicker thread is that comes with the kit, and it did work better - no need to use a needle either, I just pushed it through and it was stiff enough to stay in place, just needed to tar it with some paint after. OC.
  11. Thanks mate, I could try and tie the center with somemore thread but to be honest I dont think its that important so I will probably just leave it as it is. OC.
  12. Oh! I foregot to mention - the bowsprit is the kit plastic one, but I strengthened it by fitting some dowel inside - this made quite a difference. OC.
  13. I think I sorted it - I re did it with thicker thread a kind of waxed one that came with the kit (I did not think about using it as it is a buff color) anyway I managed to get each winding to sit next to each, then just did a simple knot and glued under the grating (out of sight) the ends, then I gave it a coat of black/grey type thingyy. OC.
  14. Good Evening all, can I get a bit of advice from folks please - I am struggling with the gammoning rope trying to get a neat inline pattern, I have to run the rope (thread) up from the cutout in the beakhead then up through a slot in the grating and over the bowsprit, I have fitted a block on the top of the bowsprit but I can stop the thread from getting all bunched up and not in a nice clean line. Are there any cheats to make this (stressful job) easier? OC.
  15. Its a fictious ship but im building it just as the wife wants it - as it is in the films, (makes it a lot easier for me that way)😉 OC.
  16. Its just the way the film designers built the ship probably desined around the May Pole dance. OC.
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