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  1. So head on into re planking the deck - I first sorted out enough planks then gave then a light sanding on both faces, then I made the decision to bleach them in some household bleach, I put them all in a large flat bottomed dish - layed them all out flat and bunched together, then poored the bleach over them (enough so they were immersed in bleach) I also ran a sponge over them to make sure the bleach was doing its job well. After about an hour I took them out and soaked them in plain water to get rid of the bleach, then towel dried and taken to the table. I dived straigh
  2. Yep I am having to scavenge the deck planks from my new xmas pressy Corels HMS Peregrine, to complete the deck planking. OC.
  3. Decided to do a bit more painting today, the plan was to do the upper hull broad band of yellow ocre or mustard as was known in 18th century, I had to mask the upper edge of the wale line first using narrow strips of tape, after applying a few coats of my admiralty paint, I noticed that the planking was quite badly scored from over zelous sanding, it will need a bit of wood filler and gentle area sanding. Also I had a small area of my deck develop a mark again due to over aggresive sanding revealing the dark under deck. So - I haver decided to re-plank the whole deck (I k
  4. I have just had some bits arrive from Cornwall Models (early xmas gifts) consisting of Corel HMS Peregrine, and a heated plank bender and some Admiralty Acrylic paints. OC.
  5. More work on the decoration today, I fitted two thin strips either side on the upper hull. Here are a couple of pics.
  6. Thank you for that, the decking was quite an enjoyable stage and fairly straightforward. OC.
  7. Evening folks, Slightly different tack today - I decided to tidy up both my poop deck decking piece, and also my forecastle section, firstly I created an edging strip for the poop deck section, this was cut and glued in place, then I looked over the forecastle deck section, this needed to be widened slightly but instead of using a flat curved plank to simply sit over the gap between the deck and bulwark, (this was going to be difficult as I had no spare wood sheeting and bending a wood strip against its grain on the widest edge - just wouldn't happen due to splitting), so I decided to buil
  8. Thank you for your kind words, yep its torned out not bad for my first plamking work to this stage. OC.
  9. Good luck with the move hope all goes smoothly, the dinning room isnt so bad - its were my slip way is. OC.
  10. Evening folks, I decided to have a go at some painting today as I can not do any second planking till I get some more wood plank supplies and a plank bender I have ordered, I decided to paint the upper hull in a Black band and also did a few coats on the wale. Here are the pics. OC.
  11. Almost wants to make us work from the inside center outwards and upwards, so we wouldn't have to reach over. OC.
  12. By all means pat there are many chairs left and I have installed a self service beverage machine - but we are low on popcorn though Think it will have to be hot dogs. OC.
  13. Its actualy quite relaxed work and getting the first planking done was my major hurdle, now thats out the way the rest of the build seems more relaxing. OC.
  14. Good day folks, today I spent the time working on the lower transom relief area and the keel post, first off I had to sand the new planking area flush with the hull planking, then I fashioned a thein narrow plank and palced it between the relief planking and the lower transom. I then turned my attention to boring the opening for the tiller arm, this was a careful job as the lower transom planks were very thin and wanted to snap, I added a small amout of ca glue to strengthen the edge of the opening, then carried on sanding out the hole. After this was done I made up some pla
  15. So work for tomorrow - sand the lower transom relief flush with the lower hull planking, then fashion a thin/narrow strip to cover the edge were the relief planking meets the lower transom, then study and cut out for the rudder tiller. Oh - also I will make some plank strips to fit in the rudder post section, this will give the second planking a nice edge to but up to. Many thanks to all the replies and likes folks - it sure does inspire one. OC.
  16. Right folks I managed to get outside (in the rain) and sand the hull - I was quite pleased at the result for my first wood build to this stage, also considering its only first planking stage, and I dont think it will need any filler. I also decided to re build the lower transom relief - first I made a paper template, then I used some old stock wood and layed them in diagnal strips, glueing them before cutting them flush at the bottoms. I then glued it in place and left to dry, it will need sanding flush with the hull though. Here are a few pics. OC.
  17. Very true - this hit what I was only thinking myself about my build and builds - how each step is a clearer step with more ability. OC.
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