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  1. When a close up photograph shows perfection like this..................Then you can say "You have nailed it" Fantastic. OC.
  2. Very interesting build, if you dont mind I will bring my chair and take a seat to follow this, I am too building a period frigate in the Kit build section HMS Greyhound 1721 sixth rate 20 gun frigate. OC.
  3. Hiya folks, I started work on the lower hull planking from the wale location - downwards, I recovered the plank that was sitting a tub of water since yersterday, I also got hold of some pins, so after placing a layer of pva I placed the plank and worked my way along pressing the pins underneath to hold the plank in place. I will have to do one plank a day due to time drying and affect on my hands. Here is just the one picture of the current status. OC.
  4. More work folks today continuing on the main deck area by fitting the two bulwark lower board supports, these will be painted Red Ochre when I get some more. This completed my inner deck work till I get or build the ladders, I then decided to work on marking out and drilling through for the oar ports on the side still left to be done, I followed the drilling up with a small sqare box file - the exact diameter of the oar ports, carefully filing till they were all correct. Next is the hull planking following from my last work - as I write I have a piece of hull timber in soak
  5. Thank you so much for your kind reply, my next move will be to scratch build three ladders, to fit down to the lower deck through the frames I constructed, to be honest she is going to need a lot of scratch building as I lost a lot of the fittings including - gun barrels/carriages, bitts, belay pins, bollards, capstan, cathead, deadeys's, figurehead, helm wheel etc. OC.
  6. Hi folks, I got round to doing somemore work on the center section with the gratings etc, I managed to finish them with the exception of the three ladders that I will need to construct myself out of stock wood. She is starting to look like a frigate bit by bit. OC.
  7. Crazy and Amazing work - some people do precision lawn mowing with dead straight lines, others do jaw dropping work on here, I take my hat off to you. OC.
  8. More gratings/ boards and step frames put in place - starting to look a little better I think. OC.
  9. Thank you for all the replies, I have decided to leave my planks sanded then flat top coated, its easier to do it this way. OC.
  10. More work constructing the frames for the center area, this is time consuming as I have to measure and cut lengths of timber, then I glue them and leave them to dry jiged up in a make shift device, here are four sections from completed to work in process. OC.
  11. Its amazing all that detail at 1/700 scale I built a couple of Dragon modern warships, but to be honest I did not do them credit, mind you I did not have magnifiers as I do now. Loving what you are doing. OC.
  12. More progress folks still working on the center deck area, I continued with the main frame around the grating/ladder section, this was sanded down to make it less deep and even thickness over all, I did the same thing with the other grating, when the sanding was done I decided to fit some boards to represent an area for more accsess down to the lower decks. I have also started work buiding another block decked area, that has been glued and secured together. Here's the photos - OC.
  13. Evening all, next on my building plan is the centre deck area including - gratings, boarded area and stair frames, after observing some internet plans and drawings I decided on my work plan. I started off by constructing the gratings next after they had dried I started work on the outer frame around the gratings. This is the state of them so far including a small repair done to one of them. OC.
  14. She is looking Stunning - Nothing wrong with your skills in any way shape or form.........Beautiful work OC.
  15. We could pull that bench up that greg keeps outside, sit at the back but hope greg puts some screens up so we can see. OC.
  16. Im loving the grey shade of your planks (is it natural or bleached) it is just what I was hoping to achieve with my deck planks. Really nice work. OC.
  17. Thought it rude of me not to say hi and have a nose at your build, you are braver than me doing a scratch build. OC.
  18. More work on the main deck today, I decided against ageing the planks - instead I just sanded them to blend them together, then after blowing of any dust, I mixed up some flat top coat diluted about 40% and applied a few coats. I think this is ok for the deck. OC.
  19. Hiya mark, glad to see you are back on the build, your work has been missed around here, hope you dont mind if I move my chair a bit closer watching your build, as we share a similar build and I hope to learn more from a genuine talented person like your self. OC.
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