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  1. She is looking really good now all the hard work is paying off, and Wow how it makes a difference when you get some bits on here. OC.
  2. Hi john, we are creating quite a plastic army on here, its so good to find a home on here along with all the wood builds. OC.
  3. This will be a lovely thing to see develop into another masterpiece. OC.
  4. Hi there lovely build really tidy, I came across some pictures on the Royal Museums site at Greenwich have a look - http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/66317.html OC.
  5. Hi folks I have probably shown this before - but this is the stage I am building her from - 1944 D Day off the French coast. OC.
  6. Very tidy work and thats a good fix of the problem you encounted, we all have these little spanners thrown at our works, that push us to find inspiration. I can ralate to your prop shaft rudder situation, I managed to break of one of the rudders and broke off one of the spinner blades(mine was a war related issue from a mine) OC.
  7. I use one of those extendable pencils that you push the end to extend more lead, they are ultra fine but for an even fineer line you can sand the tip abit, I tend to use it in the inside corners where there would be shade and around water tight doors and around details, just to give some separation from the protruding item. It works well if you then apply your top coat over the top of it to seal it. OC.
  8. What do you use for the shading lines - a pencil? thats often recomended - I use that technique and it sometimes works, you would have to have a look on my build I used a pancil for shadow work on the hull. OC.
  9. I've gone cockeyed just looking at your small work - next time I look at my build it will be back to front. OC.
  10. She is looking Superb in that case robin - Really stands out now she looks like a museum item showing off your beautiful work.
  11. Thanks pat I soon un-stook myself from the cream cake that was so precisely stook to my fingers(the rear walkway came away also) OC.
  12. More work on the rear walkway, I started by offering the part up against the stern to see how it fits, then I applied a thin coat of CA and pressed it in to pleace, then a light sanding and a few more light coats of mid grey. Here's a couple of photos folks. OC.
  13. One day I will have to get round to carrying on with this build, I have her sat on the shelf, and all the parts to finnish her in the box, I was put off a bit by the plank bending errors and snapping - splintering planks, from just normal boiled water heating method(left in a tall glass with boiling water) OC.
  14. Thank you my friend, no worry about getting the walkway stuck to my finger but - "you know those sticky custard slice cream cakes"? managed to get that stuck to my finger, not good eating a sticky cake while building a model. OC.
  15. So - back on with the rear walkway today, I gave it a few coats of mid grey and left it to dry, its a bit rough looking, but it will be tucked away at the stern so no one midships or forward will notice it - just keep the captain away from it or it will be holystone duties for the painters for weeks. OC.
  16. Thanks robin, close work through magnifiers dont help either, looks ok well actually stunning when I take my glasses off. lol. OC.
  17. So - as i just explained to carl - I could not let it defeat me, so I took the parts and run hot water through them to remove any traces of PVA, then under our kitchen halogen lights and my magnifier I tried again using direct super glue, firstly attaching the walkway base to the rail, then the roof, mind you I managed to get more super glue on my fingers than on the assembly. At least its securley put together now even though its a bit rough and slightly distorted. OC.
  18. Thanks carl, think I maaged to salvage it (In a fashion) its a bit miss shaped but is super glued a bit stronger now(got most of it on my fingers) OC.
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