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  1. Next step - I added a few coats of dark grey then a cupple of coats of a thinned down black wash, this was over cleaned with a small sponge to wipe off the excess but leave the sail in a slighly grubby state. Heres a cupple more pics. OC.
  2. "Raining" so that meanes this - I have fitted the Rudders and dive planes but also found away to etch some detail into the sail, I shaped some 1mm strips to follow the profile of the sail, then I sat them ontop of each other and scribed some lines into the sail, this will hopefully show a few tiles, after I did a few vertical scribes. Here are a few pics. OC.
  3. Im still about my friends just having a break cuz of the fine weather, I will give in and do some more guess I will be a bit Sub-missive. When we get some cloud rain. OC.
  4. Thats a great start with the planking lou, its is a scary stage and I remember feeling it had beaten me with my build, but remember the first planking can help to mold into how the planks sit, even if they turn out a bit rough or not fully sitting next to each(not a problem - the second planking will cover that) also with the wales you canfiddle around with those as you need - adding even small strips if you need more width, or even laying some thin strips ontop if you need to increse the width of the wale. I found with each adjustment I felt my way around my build - getting to know
  5. Its great following you on this build greg, as its not to dissimilar to my Warspite build, some similar building skills on the two ships I would think. (I will try to get back on her after my tub is done) OC.
  6. The veggie was a joke mate, I love my meat but dont mind salad sometimes when the weather is nice like now, nothing else on the tub im affraid, she is sitting on the table looking lost and alone, but to be honest its a "bad weather" job at the moment too much nice weather keeping me away from her. OC.
  7. Apparently throwing popcorn or other snacks at him slows him down, as he cant duck and build at same time. OC.
  8. Thanks mate, kind of stalled for a bit while we have some gorgeous weather and im spending most of the day-evening outside. OC.
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