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  1. Thanks carl, Im getting one of those heated plank benders for xmas (you know the one - contains a wooden shaped block, and a heated device like a soldering iron) it should come in real handy for the second planking where I will Try to be more precise. OC.
  2. After a good nights rest on my hand I decided to have another bash on my hull, there was only a few slithers to drop in so it took a little bit of measuring then cutting - sanding and they were glued in place. So the hull is now first planked and just needs a little sanding prior to second planking. The rear section below the transom is not as rough and uneven as it appears, I will be re-planking over the rear section to bring it all even. Here are a few pics. OC.
  3. I think its the size of the PE parts at smaller scales, that causes the problem having to handle it, using wood seems less of an issue apart from yesterday. OC.
  4. Evening folks, I managed to put another couple of planks on the lower hull today, not far to go now, but my hand condition flared up again Dupuytren's contracture A couple of my fingers locked up and I had to massage them back again, not so much painful just stopped me having some fun while I was on a roll with my planking. There is always monyana. OC.
  5. I wondered because I plan to get some Admiralty paints and do my outside upper bulwarks yellow ocre but with a hint of flat white, just to take the richness of the yellow down a bit. OC.
  6. I have a sneaking feeling I am going to be one plank short of finishing my first planking. OC.
  7. UHU is a general purpose (very sticky - stringy glue) it bonds a lot of things like card, fabrics, leather, and dare say wood. Its a great glue just a bit messy. OC.
  8. Hi Bob, what a lovely job you are doing, I love the detail and workmanship, the color of your upper planking is very nice almost like a pale cream - light yellow ocre color. OC.
  9. That red ocre looks really good I think an authentic color really helps with the apperance of a ship. OC.
  10. Thank you kindly, yep there will be another set of planking to go on, then I will be painting her to the waterline in flat white. OC.
  11. Thank you my friend, thankfully thats just the first planking, I have another lot to go ontop of that, then the lower hull will be painted dull white up to the water line. OC.
  12. I managed to get in a few hours on the build today, generally making a lot of wood dust in the house (as it was dark outside) Mrs OC was not too impressed - dogs house emoticon springs to mind. Anyway after the dust had settled - no pun intended, I did a final bit of fine filling with my curved needle files, towards the rear as I had to curve a plank that sits at an akward angle, I also tidied up the bow. Here are a few pics folks. OC.
  13. Yep then clicked on the contact option where I had to leave my email address and irequest, then one of those security things popped up to proove your human - the normal catcha things with pictures you have to tick several times before you can send the contact request, I tried about five times then I was timed out. OC.
  14. I cant get passed that catcha security thing on syrens site, can anyone help me get to chuck please. OC.
  15. Goodmorning/evening/day folks, not much work over the past 24 hrs we had some house types issues that kept me away from the bench, I will be back on her tomorrow, with a keen eagerness. Folks I have a question and really hope someone can help please, I am without any cannons/carriages for my build and I have looked through the normal parts sites like Cornwall Model Boats - checking out the different companies, Corel, mantua etc etc, but so far I can not find any 9pdr small 1/100 scale period cannons and carriages, for my build. Can anyone help with this please.
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