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  1. Hola Cariña, It has been too long since you've posted anything and I have missed your passion. I am glad that you are settling down again in order to continue working on your model and hopefully finish her (it seems you are closer to it now). I hope to see more updates and remember to take care of yourself. In the event you want ideas for working with your sails you may want to take a look at these videos for inspiration. Tu amigo, Raymond.
  2. Hey Chuck, I am so glad that you've actually started this basic tutorial on carving. The concepts and ideas that you are implementing in your discussion is rather straight forward and easily understood. Starting the first cut to have a clean stopping point for the inevitable shave insures that you don't overshoot the mark. Now I know that what I want to say next may be a little off but I believe it shares the same concept. Traditional Celtic Viking tattoo designs show where one knot work goes beneath another via shadows. The line that goes above is clear and sharp while the line beneath has s
  3. Chris, What can I say but, Outstanding!!!!! Your attention, and care to details have made this little beauty a joy to look at. There are many aspects/procedures that you have used on your build that I wish to incorporate in future builds. Many thanks in advance to the assistance you've provided by simply posting your progress. Ray
  4. Thanks Daves, I figured it would be a great small/side project that would give the modeler new skills in this hobby. Jack's Oseberg Viking Ship is a great looking model and I think this type of project would be a great supplemental model/piece to add along side of her.
  5. Hello Everyone, I like the concept that Chuck is trying to get started in regards to group projects, be they small or large. One idea that I've been mulling over in my mind would be a group projected dedicated to carvings of Viking longboat prows. I've come across many pictures on the internet and it has stirred my imagination into incorporating it as a side project. Now the prow can be as large as one would want to tackle it. One must ensure that they do show updates and what carving techniques they are using. While at a larger scale, it will give people the opportunity to start practicing t
  6. Hey Gabe, I was starting to worry you'd given up. Everything looks super and the level of detail you're incorporating into your build is outstanding. Can't wait to see more. Ray
  7. Hey Tony, No worries Buddy. The download area of the Triton can be intimidating at first and some items can be overlooked. Hang in there and keep modeling away. You're doing a great job, Ray.
  8. Hey Tony, I'm glad that you've been busy with this little beauty. I've enjoyed working on this cross section and I hope that you'll enjoy it too. Attached you will see one of the Triton drawings which you'll be able to find on the full build section of downloads. Take your time and review everything before choosing what you want to do on your build. I look forward to seeing more progress on your build, Ray. MidshipCrossSection@48-1.pdf
  9. Bravo Gimo, I just now saw the procedure you used to blacken your ship's guns. Excellent work. Ray
  10. Hello Gabe, I'm glad you didn't give up on your Micro Triton. Your choice of timber and your level of care at these delicate pieces is rather impressive. I look forward to more of your updates. Ray
  11. Guten Tag Herr Dirk, First off, I must confess that I accidently came across your log because I was looking for a color scheme for the USF Essex that I am currently working on. After looking at the first couple of posts I became addicted to your ship and building ethics. Sir, you have definately inspired me to try to reach the level of attention to detail that you have displayed throughout your build. To you Sir, I say, "Bravo Maestro". Ray
  12. Hello Dan, I hope everything is fine on the home front. Sir, I must say that I've just finished going over your log and am totally in awe at your level of expertise. Your narratives are truly easy to follow along and I hope that one day I may reach a fraction of your skills. Once again, "Kudos" on a job well done. Ray
  13. Chris, You are officially my hero. That was an excellent come back from what would have been thought a total disaster. It has happened to me before and it really scared me to think I would have to start everything all over again. Great job Buddy. Ray
  14. Chris, I am glad summer is over so that you can get back to your Corsair. I am gald that you corrected that little mistake on the transom. Like you, if I make a mistake I try to correct it because if I don't, it will be the first place I look at whenever I look at the model. The fact that you are using belts to evenly distribute your planks on the Corsair will make it a very attractive model. I hope to see more progress. Ray
  15. Hola Daniel, Bravo Maestro!!! Your model is looking fantastic!!! I am in the process now to build a 1:64 scale POF model of the USF Essex and will work on the lower bulkheads in a similar fasion as you are. Many thanks for the inspiration you are giving me. Tu Amigo, Raymond
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