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  1. B.E used a perfect method for mounting these cannon. A method I copied, as with so many of his mod's. The difference being in this case mine came out pretty well! I am not sure where it is in his log, but why try reinventing the wheel?
  2. Hi Terry, No Fly does not have the coppering. I think the gun carriages are different ( Inferior ) To Pegasus. Obviously the figurehead is different. Overall it is just the slightly budget version as far as I can see. Having said that, the habit is to modify this kit a lot anyway, so the guns etc may not matter and the coppering can be bought for £20.
  3. Words do not cover my appreciation and the pleasure it is to see your log back is genuine. I will devour the new log as I did the old one. Well done pulling up your boot-straps and starting again. What must have gone through your mind in the last week can only be imagined.
  4. This build log is in my opinion the cream of build logs. I have used it extensively. I hope for BE's sake this is resolved. Scary thought if not!
  5. It took a bit of finding, I have not used this jig for three years, but this is how I drilled my tree nails. I cut a plank width groove in a piece of wood and glued some straps across. I also glued the template for my tree nails on, this was made with scrap brass from the kit. The extension on the tail-end is the correct length between planks, so once drilled I scored them with a blunt knife loaded with pencil lead. I drilled the holes using a drill covered in pencil lead. For me the results look pretty good. The genius builders on here would probably get better results using other methods no doubt. I found one advantage with this method is the planks cleaned up just by drawing through, the jig effectively acting as a draw-plate.
  6. Oh,typical. That is a shame. They do look good. I did not change the cannon, I was just building the kit at that point. I changed the cannonade, that is worth looking at as the kit ones are........well, I would not want to shoot one in real life!
  7. Hi Brian, I would guess you are referring to Blue Ensigns build for the cannon. Page 1 has a lot of pictures and a link to RB models. Your build is coming along nicely. BE's page 1 http://modelshipworld.com/index.php/topic/332-hms-pegasus-by-blue-ensign-victory-models-enhancing-the-kit-a-build-log-of-sorts/?p=3116 The Link to RB Models http://www.rbmodel.com/index.php?action=products&group=011
  8. Hi Paul, Looking very good so far. Very nice to have another Pegasus build on here as well. I second what Anarfather says about Blue Ensigns build and log, well worth bookmarking and referring to constantly.
  9. Another addition to my extremely sporadic log and build. I had a very relaxing few days making and painting. As always I have used Blue Ensigns build as inspiration.The next step is making the hearts for masts as suggested 6 months ago! Luckily this is not a time dependent hobby. Happy New Year everyone.
  10. I got busy elsewhere again! But I am back and have just finished the top masts. Rather than make the topmast gallants I am going to get my head round the hearts and then the standing rigging as BE suggests.
  11. Ha, I am terrible! I have not really touched Pegasus for a few weeks. Work has been mad and I have spent more spare time with family than with the shed. Which is exactly as it should be. Thank you for your kind words. I will look at the order of build as you suggest B.E. In fact I very much appreciate your suggestions as I do not have the same grasp on this as you do.
  12. Progress has been slow in the ship yard. I find that only having an hour or so at a time is not long enough to get your head round what you are doing, then you have to start again next time.I have made a start on the lower masts and made up a fishing davit. Again a combination of kit and following Blue Ensigns mods. Not anywhere near his standards, but inspired by. I am not sure what to make a start on once the lower masts are done. I need to get my head around or of build again after the long lay-off.
  13. Hi Doug, It looks to me like you are making a fine start to your ship.I look forward to following your build.

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