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Donald Mckay(Or his client)had a sense of humor!


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According to the description in Howe & Matthews, the Santa Claus did, indeed, have the old elf as the figure head.  They also include a couple of pages about Neptune's Favorite, mainly about her various trips.  She seems to have been a fairly fast medium clipper. 


Howe, Octavius T. & F. T. Matthews American Clipper Ships 1833-1858 Vol 2.

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That, unfortunately, is not in the narrative! 


I did stumble across a painting of the ship which can be viewed at http://blueworldwebmuseum.org/item.php?category=Maritime_Portraits&title=Captain_Oliver_Lane_With_Neptune%27s_Favorite&id=351&catid=76


From http://www.bruzelius.info/Nautica/News/BDA/BDA%281854-06-21%29.html we have the following:


Her bow rakes gently as it rises, and it is ornamented with a full female figure, blended with the cutwater, for the ship has neither head nor trail-boards, but is finished like a clipper.



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Chariot of Fame was a sister ship to the Star of Empire.  Lot's of description about the Chariot of Fame in Howe, Octavius T. & F. T. Matthews, but no description of the figurehead.  A little bit about some of the features (stanchions, knees, bottom color) in William l. Crothers The American Built Clipper Ship but no good drawings.  David MacGregor doees have a picture of Chariot of Fame and copy of part of the plans for both in his British & American Clippers (pages 122-124).


I do not have the book, but a snippet on Google Books of Donald McKay and His Famous Sailing Ships (page 103) states that as a figurehead, the Star of Empire had as a figurehead


"...the Goddess of Fame with outspread wings.  A trumpet was raised in the right hand, and her left hand, which was also raised, held a garland.  her girdle was emblazoned with miniatures of our distinguished statesmen.  The figure wasa robed in vestments of white, fringed with gold, its pedestal was ornamented with carved floral work."

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