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scroll saw proxxon ds 460

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i want to buy a scroll saw (i not have any saw not a table saw and not a scroll saw... i think for the beginning a good scroll saw will be Excellent for me because for cutting planks i have the chopper and i have the Dremel for timbers .. so I'm Guessing that i not need a table saw for right now...)


my question is if someone have the proxxon sd 460 and how is it?

in my country that kind of tool are very expensive (it cost here 634 usd!!!)

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Hello mark

I'm from Israel and the point is that all the scroll saw (that didn't came from China and not made from plastic like dremel...)are expensive

Here is a link of the a cheaper store (the currency is shekel and 3.9 shekel is a one US dollar )



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My apologies, Michael.  It looks like the bigger saws are way more expensive.  


If you don't get an answer from someone here, do a quick search on "proxxon scroll saw" (remove quotes) from the main page.  I got a lot links to discussions about Proxxons and also build logs where the saw was mentioned.

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A generic 9" tabletop band saw with a 1/8" blade will do an excellent job of scroll cutting.  With a Carter Products Blade Stabilizer, scroll cutting is even better.  Change to a 1/2" blade and you can do some resawing (in the 1-2 " stock range) and cross cutting (you might could rig a carrier/slide table like with a table saw - the back would need to be uncut to keep the two sides attached).  Inside scroll cuts and extreme curves can be done with a hand fret/scroll saw.

It gives you a more versatile machine.

See the size of readily available replacement blades (59 1/2 here) and make sure they fit the saw you choose.

If the Carter upgrade is do-able as far as cost, make sure your model choice will fit one.

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G'day Michael,


I have a Proxxon 28092 scrollsaw - it always makes this exact noise when I get it out and start it up but in my case its because the powerpoint I use is on the left of the machine and the motor is on the right  so the power cord passes under the front of the machine and always gets in the way of the lower part of the oscillating blade mechanism. Once I reposition the lead to run behind the saw the noise stops and it is very quiet.


. It always takes me a little while to figure that out each time - I should put a note on it to remind me!

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