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Need help with rigging on the French Chebec Indiscreet.

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The hull is built and all 3 masts are up. Now what seems out of sorts is that the standing rigging has not been tarred black. Is correct?


Next the fore sail boom and sail are rigged and in place. The parrel roller assembly has not been installed and I can not find any details on how this assembly is attached around the mast to the boom. Does anyone know how this done?


Thank you in advance for your time.




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Hi Mark


I checked out pictures that you posted the link to.


That Xebec was built with using different parral set up.


Looking at "The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships" it seems that the rigging for the parrals would hold it against the mast and the go through a couple of blocks and down to a pin rail, but I am not seeing that in the plans that came with the kit.



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Ah.... forget anything with English ships.  Your's appears to be the French Le Requin.   I should have checked.. and yes, you're right... possibly that's the way his instructions say to do it.


What do your plans show?   My reference (since I don't have the ANCRE monograph) is The Art of Ship Modeling by Frolich and even that doesn't really have much detail as to parrells, etc.  It does show the massive halyard blocks at top of the masts.

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Hi Jan


Thank you for your reply.


It appears that the high side of the parrals is attached to the top of the boom while the free side goes to a block on the low side of the parrals. Next There appears to be a running line from the high side through the block and what I would imagine next would be the line running down the mast to a pin rail.


Now that I have an idea of what I am looking for I will see if I can find it in the plans that came with the kit.




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hope these picture give some indication, they are examples based on:

- first three is the French xebec Le Requin (models by Frolic and Roma)

- last five is my Genoan Pinco (my personal interpretation based on Le Requin rigging adapted to the Pinco rigging)

On my Pinco I tried to encircle the yard and the mast with the parral, but it didn't work. Much better if the parral encircles the halyard where it is tied to the yard (the one showed is the mizzen, main and fore have double halyards but he concept is the same).

The xebec is slightly different as there is no single halyard tied to the yard at its middle point, but two lines made fast to the yard ends and passing through the sheaves in the mast head.












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