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HMS Victory by Dominic - Caldercraft - Scale 1:72

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I took delivery of this beast earlier today, and it didn't tale me long to crack the seal. I have to admit, I knew this was a large model but maybe underestimated the size of the finished thing...no idea yet where I am going to put it.


Anyway, over the years as I shop for kits and try and decide which ones to buy, I make use of other's logs to try and gauge the quality of the kit etc, and although there are a few exceptions I always end up dissapointed that I cannot find any good detailed photo's of the contents OOB, so my first post I will aim to do just that, so that maybe I can help others in the future who find themselves with similar frustrations.

Unfortunately this means a lot of photos at first, 32 in fact :huh:


So here goes: (I've not added photos of the 18, yes 18, plan sheets that are included as I believe that technically that would be classed as reproduction without permission and would infringe on copyright)



































I've yet to decide where to begin on this one...I kind of get bored of keel and ribs at the start. I've b een thinking about building the launch's and cutters first...although technically that is still keel and ribs :huh:

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im glad to see the photo of the stand -  as that was missing from mine - infact from a whole batch run,  do check that everything is there


i used admiralty paints for mine - and black spray paint from the larger bits


good luck with the build

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Thanks Kevin


haha yeh it looks like a great model until you actually start building it!


Yeh all seems complete. Though I wouldn't call it a stand, and to be honest I probably wont end up making use of it as I will be looking at pintle-mounting at an early stage and the bulk of the build will be done on it's final stand. (Once the hull is complete of course).

I too will be making use of sprays, and adm paints for the details etc.

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I found the instructions for Caldercraft kits (especially in the smaller ships of the series) are very high level and lack the written instruction when it comes to the rigging, although the plans are very useful for bashing out the task! It may be worth getting the ATOS book for HMS Victory. I got my copy at the National Maritime Museum for £10.00, where it is usually £17 to £20 online, if not more in shops.


Victory is on my list as a future build (it will probably be the Kit Bash to end all Kit Bashes), and I have a season ticket (only £24 for unlimited visits) to Portsmouth Royal Dockyards, if you want to bash the kit in any way, I would highly suggest taking the time to visit the real ship! Although being in Fife doesn't make that too easy!


Also spray paint is fine for covering large area's quickly, but consider a cheap airbrushing set. I bought one from my local hobby shop that runs off a can of compressed air (as apposed to the compressor) and comes with all the basic equipment you require to get started. My misses bought one too for cake decorating, they're really good!




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Thanks for the advice guys.

Paul, do you have a link for that book, it sounds intreiging. I have a Victory book that I was sent by a friend from Austrailia but it's quite an old one now.


Kevin I was looking at the stand last night and to be fair it wouldn't take much to make it into quite an attractive stand. I have enough spare stock to be able to plank it nicely and add a few embellishments...


Jonny yes living in Fife does make that tricky, however prior to 2012 I lived in Portsmouth, and I have had the pleasure to set foot upon her decks, along with HMS Warrior. (Which is also on my hitlist, the Billings kit looks quite nice). She is a colossal ship up close, it's hard to appreciate just from photographs.

I already have a spraycraft airbrush kit, not aquired a compressor yet I am still making use of canned air, but I've not given it much use so far. (Currently I use it with no bottle attached as a great way of blowing dust off rigging).

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Hi Keith.


I did look at the Billings kit a while back, but to be honest the plastic content put me off greatly. Which would mean buying after market addons. Didn't see the point really when the CC kit has it all included. Although I was dissapointed at the inclusion of PE helms. Although the relief etiching is pretty good I may end up replacing those ones.


Anatomy of Nelson's Ships is the book that I have too :)


Edit: Sorry ignore that bit about plastic, got confused between kits)

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Wow!! Looks like you have you work cut out for you,no pun intended. I hope you can get through thst kit without too much stock replacement. I still can't figure out how these kit manufacturers expect a modeler to plank a hull with only straight stock. Well good luck on this project. I'll look in from time to time to watch your prgress. Bill

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Wow!! Looks like you have you work cut out for you,no pun intended. I hope you can get through thst kit without too much stock replacement. I still can't figure out how these kit manufacturers expect a modeler to plank a hull with only straight stock. Well good luck on this project. I'll look in from time to time to watch your prgress. Bill


Must admit, I'm puzzled as to what you mean? I don't notice any difference between this kit and any other, in the way it's put together etc...

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Well...time to get cracking. I did make a start on the launch.


After a slightly confusing session with the parts id manual and the aux craft ribs, I identified and removed the ribs I needed, along with the false deck peice and keel, and the plank term patterns.


I dry fitted everything in place, snapping one by mistake, everything was such a snug and tight fit I just left them in place and used watered down PVA to secure everything, with the exception of using cyano gel for the term patterns. I also light cut the tabs of the frames to aid in their removal later.


After that had dried for a few hours I prepped 24 pieces of 0.5x3mm walnut for the first planking. I worked out it would be about 11 planks either side, per planking layer.


After fairing the frames where needed, which wasn't as much of a challenge as I thought it was going to be given the weakness of the frames, I fixed the first planks in place either side. I spot glued them to make the frames easier to remove later.








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Hi Dominic .Great to see you decided on the CC Victory  .The Billings is a lot cheaper to buy but i think i have spent the difference in replacement wood ,etc so if you intend to build straight from the box the CC is the way to go . I,m glad i found a seat near the front cause this will be a build worth watching ,best of luck and enjoy the next few years !!! 



Boyd .

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Thanks Sid, that will most likely be the route I follow.


Paul I will check it out thanks.


Cheers Boyd. I don't know if I will be able to bring anything new to the CC Vic builds, or even come close to matching qaulity of some, but will certainly give it a crack :)

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So far I've been able to get the first planking done on the launch. Was a few annoying gaps that I couldn't seem to close, but I can deal with those later.


I did end up having to use one stealer at the bow, which I detest having to do, although again, first planking so can get away with it and it's barely visible on the inner surface.


Gave a light sande and coated with watered down PVA to seal the planks


2nd layer to do now, and then an attempt at removing the frames...










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I've put the second planking on the launch which went on much easier than the first. After a rough sand I filled and re-sanded.


I also rebuilt the keel as once both layers of planking was on it almost covered the entire keel, so I am guessing either the dimensions are out or I needed to take a lot more off the frames than I did, so the launch is going to be slightly deeper/longer at the keel, but it's not something that is going to be vastly noticeable....annoying though.


After shaping/fitting a new keel I used some watered down filler and a paintbrush to fill any gaps, and sort out the area ar the bow where the frames meet the new keel.










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I completed adding the simulated ribs, along with starting on some small extra detailing I am adding in. Not sure if they have a correct term, but the small strips of wood that seem to bolster the row locks.


Then after a coat of grey primer, and a disasterous attempt at airbrushing yellow ochre, I hand painted the interior. (I must have really screwed up on the mix).


I also planked the deck (duck boards) and used admiralty metal primer to simulate the sub-bleached-washed-out effect based on the reference photograph of the actual launch.









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Life boats looking good Dominic. Thanks for posting the un-boxing. I have the CC Mars, nearly at masting stage (a first build that has taken a long time, wish I knew about this forum a couple of years ago). Small build by comparison to your Victory.  No complaints about the quality of my CC kit. I get the impression from the forum that CC is generally very highly regarded. My kit was missing the photo etched parts and CC replaced them very quickly. 


All the best with this huge undertaking. 



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Thanks Malcom.


I've always found CC/Jotika kits pretty good as well. The quality of the parts in this one are partularly good. I think the only thing that could make this a little better would be the same sort of illustrated manual that comes with the AL 1/84 version.



I've been working still on the launch, added the thwarts and an upper support rail (not mentioned in the kit, but clearly visible on the real boat), and I've added some finer details, thwart support braces etc. I've also fitted the davit. Wasn't sure on the colour so went with metal black.











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