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Steam tool for bending wood model ship planks?

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I use my wife's discarded hair curler.  It is stuck on High so she can't use it.  I soak the wood for 10-15 mins.   Open the jaws stick the wood in and close the jaws .  The heat helps with the bend.  The diameter is perfect for every curve I have needed so far (15 or so ships), and can be bent in any direction.

Brand new the curling iron is less than $10 USD.



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This is what I have:


I have used it for woodworking and guitar building and it steams the wood well.  The kit includes instructions on making the wood box but would have to be modified for model making.


I also have one of these:


When bending guitar sides, you need to back up the wood with a bending strap to keep the fibers from breaking.  This may not be an issue with model making though.


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I find soaking wood in container of boiling water is the most convenient method. For anything up to 1/8 inch a few minutes soak will do the job. You can vary the size of the container to match the piece of wood you want to bend and any water left in the kettle can be used for coffee (or tea in my case). When bending long strips I use a steam wallpaper stripper and push the strips down the steam outlet tube.



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