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HMS Pegasus by betamale - Victory Models - 1:64 Scale

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I had put the build on hold for a couple of years due to other commitments. I restarted just after Christmas. I always feel a bit daunted by the far higher level of build elsewhere on the site and can not hold a candle to them, but maybe there is something to contribute by making a log. I owe a massive debt of gratitude especially to Blue Ensign as I have pretty much used his log as a "How to" although the quality of my ship falls short, the order of build and small changes he has made have been invaliable.


Firstly a couple of pictures showing the current state of play.









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I am currently making a tentative start on the spare masts.


Firstly I milled out a 6mm square slot in some wood to hold the pieces steady


Not being in possession of a 4 jaw chuck, I found that holding the piece in a short length of air pipe with the flats packed out centred everything nicely as well as protecting the part.


I then return the part to my holding jig and have filed/milled the flats into the mast. This was achieved with packers. The mast is 6mm square. The first to be reduced is 4mm, so a 1mm packer under the mast raises it the correct height. Turned 4 times this appears to work nicely.






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Progress has been slow in the ship yard. I find that only having an hour or so at a time is not long enough to get your head round what you are doing, then you have to start again next time.I have made a start on the lower masts and made up a fishing davit. Again a combination of kit and following Blue Ensigns mods. Not anywhere near his standards, but inspired by.

I am not sure what to make a start on once the lower masts are done. I need to get my head around or of build again after the long lay-off.




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She's looking impressive betamale, nice work. :)


It's always a problem getting back into a build after a lay-off, I was the same. One thing you perhaps need to consider now is the attachment of the heart collars on the Fore and Main mast to take the stays, always easier at this stage, and it looks like you are close to starting the lower standing rigging.


ps; thank you for your kind references to my build.



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Ha, I am terrible! I have not really touched Pegasus for a few weeks. Work has been mad and I have spent more spare time with family than with the shed. Which is exactly as it should be. Thank you for your kind words. I will look at the order of build as you suggest B.E. In fact I very much appreciate your suggestions as I do not have the same grasp on this as you do.

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I think you are more than holding a candle to others on this site (certainly me) , it looks absolutely brilliant! I keep finding myself drawn to these Pegasus builds, what a lovely kit. I love the contrast between the planking and chainstays, really nice. 

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Another addition to my extremely sporadic log and build. I had a very relaxing few days making and painting. As always I have used Blue Ensigns build as inspiration.The next step is making the hearts for masts as suggested 6 months ago! Luckily this is not a time dependent hobby.


Happy New Year everyone.





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