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Is the Caldercraft HMS Victory still the best?


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As I have been told that the Caldercraft HMS Victory kit is the best kit on the market regardless the variables, is this still the truth? I know it has been a really old topic or question. I just want to know the simple answer before buying it. I think I will build one Victory in my whole life since it costs enormous hours work. Therefore, I want the best.

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Hi Yang,


As a reseller of kits, I don't think your question is fair. There is no such thing as the "best" kit. You really do need to add those variables you are talking about. I have had people buy every brand of HMS Victory from me and each has its reasons for being the "best" and each has its reasons for being the "worst". 


Just as I have had people complain about Corel, I have also had people complain about the Caldercraft kit, etc. 


I think you should study the various, numerous, build logs on the different Victory kits, and make up your own mind as to which will be best for you. 


There's no reason why you don't start one, decide it's not the right one, and then start another. Since you are going to spend so much time on the model, the cost of the kit will be minimal. 


Good luck with your search. 




Hi Rick,


Many thanks for your reply! I did read some logs, especially the Caldercraft one since it has the most makers around. Personally, I think it is the most detailed one. However, I do not like the copper plate because I prefer the original color and wood. I think I will follow your ideas and read more different logs on various kits. Thanks!


Regards       kevin

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Perhaps you mean more historically accurate or easy to construct which for Victory is very relative? I would say that caldercraft has alot of fine kits many made by Chris Watton whose work is amazing. In general newer kits often have the benefit of modern tools and tech like lasers. Older kits can sometimes be a bit off on details and problematic with construction however as Rick said the same is true with many newer kits as well if anything ive read on this forum some of them (not saying which) are bit of a mess. That said I am looking forward to if Chris will one day find a home for that 1/64 scale Victory 8)

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Rick is dead on. Most people think the more expensive the kit the better the kit. But I don't buy into that. No matter who the manufacture of the kit is, they all have their faults and they all have their good points. I just finished the Artesania Latina Victory kit and am very pleased with the results. The Sergal/Mantua Victory kit was touted to be the best Victory kit or most accurate back in the 70's and 80's. But to me accuracy is something that you the builder must insure or add to any kit because if you want accuracy, you must do your research of that particular model and be willing to make any adjustments to the kit as needed. I look at a kit and only the shell and most kits can be built straight out of the box, but if you want to make it your own, research, research, research.


So your question really should be, which is the most accurate kit.




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The CC Victory is a massive kit requiring a long time to complete. It is my first model, a choice many would advise against, but I am enjoying it and am able to build it (so far) because of the collective experience and examples on this site. However, you have said you don't like the coppering. Then you should buy different wood than that supplied (African walnut, aka mansonia) because it is not intended to be a final surface, or think of a different model.


Good luck with your decision.



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Hello Yang, 


I could not seriously say, that the caldercraft kit is the best for building a victory, just because I have no experiences with other kits.


But I can tell you, that the kit is really good. Very good!


I would like to invite you to take a look at my build log. Because I am someone using the kit as a basis. But I go a different way in building my Victory. I use different woods to imitate the color. And I try to build her without using these millwork sheet parts. Of course, this means that I have to buy additional wood - it makes my Victory more expensive - but this is ok for me.


Best wishes to you


- Heinz -

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