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aluminum planking clamps

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hi  just wanting to know if any modelers have seen aluminum  planking clamps. I think a company a while back made them. one part clamped on the frame with a screw and then you clamp and tighten the other part to the plank. I think I saw an ad for these in  the ships in scale magazines a long time ago. hope someone can help . thanks, terry

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I remember asking the tech guy what they were made of because your fingers get quite a black residue on them. They are made of a tin/lead mixture. Two of the 10 I bought broke very easily between the screw and shank and the shanks are very hard on old fingers - try to find some rubber tubing that will fit tightly around the shank and you will be much better off. Someone on this forum made his own and they looked very good if you were game.


Best, Ian

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Hello Les here. I have a bunch of these style clamps. But as seventynet says they are tough on the fingers and I find them difficult to get good purchase into the hard lazer cut bulkheads. I found some hull planking clamps from Model Shipways MX103/104. These are easy to use and don't damage have the potential to damage the wood. Oh you have to assemble them, so a good Sunday, Monday night football game project.

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These are not very good clamps and yes they break easily.  I threw them out years ago.  Check out Et Tosti's log on the Naiad.  If I remember correctly he shows clamps that he has made.   Better, pages 213 to 218 in volume I of his book on the Naiad shows how to make some excellent clamps for all types of situations.



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