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Royal Caroline by bizibilder - FINISHED - Panart

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I was searching an old collection of dvd's when i came across a set of pictures from my "Royal Caroline" build - The original log was lost in the great crash a few years ago.


So here they are, including quite a bit of detail about the building of the kit supplied ships boat:












(Not sure how many I can fit in so i'll do five at a time.

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Hi bizibuider.

                                            I think you have made a wonderful job of Caroline it is a ship i would love to build (one day).please could you explain to me


                                            how you have managed to fix all the decoration to the ship,did you paint and then scratch the paint off somehow and 


                                            use C/A.I thank you for your reply in advance.


                                                                      Regards Janet.

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AS I recall (It was quite a few years ago!) I simply washed the brass decoration in washing up liquid and dried it then painted it with Gold enamel - all over.  it was stuck in place with a tiny dab of 5 minute epoxy.  I seem to remember I did a side at a time in one "go" after making sure that everything was prepared and checked for fit.


Some of the decoration was thinned down by filing before fitting as I seem to remember some pieces were quite thick.  The "curved" pieces at the stern were simply filed to fit on the back as bending the castings was unlikely to be successful.


I believe the current version of the kit has some of the decoration in laser cut timber rather than brass castings/ etchings but someone else would have to confirm that for you.

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