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Laser cutting service providers for 'one off' items

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I really want to be able to learn and leverage this technique to enhance my current kit build, but am not willing at present to invest in the area of $2000 that it seems it takes to buy a quality cutter.  Does anyone know if there are there any service providers who will provide use of their laser cutter if provided with appropriate wood and files for custom small, one off orders?


I feel this is something more people would do if the bar weren't quite so high from a price standpoint.


Many thanks in advance.

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I am willing cut small jobs when the time permits.   I would encourage folks to contact me for availability.  For example,  right now I am swamped and couldnt possibly take a small job for laser cutting and have one such custom job on my to-do list.  I just wont get to it til early next month at the soonest.  If time isnt a factor then please let me know what you need.



Provide me with either a Corel Draw file or a DXF file of the parts.  I can talk you about specifics and the need to always have to adjust the drawings after I get them.  They will always need to be adjusted for the kerf of the cut depending on what type of wood you choose.



If you want the stuff sooner,


You can contact National balsa.  They have an excellent laser cutting service and I used them all the time before getting my own equipment.  But they will only use the woods they have in stock.  Basswood, Maple, Cherry and lite ply.....amiong a few other things.


See here for the custom laser cutting services at National balsa





You would probably have to double your $2000 estimate for getting a laser cutter of your own the needed software and accessories.

That is if you want to cut anything thicker than 1/8" basswood with accuracy and a decent cut.



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Thanks all the for the great info..knowing your options is most of the battle.


Chuck - nothing imminent, I need to invest in some software I think first


Mark - never heard of Makerspace so that is a great lead, I'll look into it.


Daves - I was thinking of the smaller detail stuff, very similar to what Chuck has posted in his new thread on carving, rather than the large scale frames which I could see would require something industrial to do effectively

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In addition to asking Chuck to do a one-off laser cutting job, I understand Bluejacket also provides the service.


I've used Pololu, one of the companies that Chuck mentions. You can use the material they supply, or you can send them the material you want to use. 


Not sure which services will do the necessary CAD work for you, but Pololu accepted an Adobe Illustrator file to do my laser cutting work.

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