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Wood Ship Model Kit for Beginner


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Hi Everyone,


I am looking for a good Model Ship kit for my girlfriend (she just finished a plastic ship and loved it, could be her new hobby).


I *think* wood ships are more difficult. She wanted me to get her this one: https://www.amazon.de/Constructo-D80819-Holzbausatz-Mayflower-England/dp/B000S39RZ8/ref=s9_cartx_gw_g21_i1_r?pf_rd_m=A3JWKAKR8XB7XF&pf_rd_s=&pf_rd_r=N92DN1K4QEYDW202B502&pf_rd_t=36701&pf_rd_p=31e89994-24c5-4f2a-aa69-5e32e91703a1&pf_rd_i=desktop


But I wanted to check here first if there is a smaller/easier kit she should start with. Also, what essential tools are needed for someone starting out on wooden kits?



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As far as tools, get just what you need to start with. A good ruler make sure it is in MM and inch, some Exato knives and different blades, sanding sticks and wood glue most people use Tite Bond 2 or 3. As far as the kit I am not sure about it, but that isn't a kit for a beginner, I am sure someone will give a better answer.

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Have you checked out the database of kits.


Look for the bows that are not curved to much. Not to much rigging.

And look at some of the builds here on MSW.

Cross sections are much easer as the planking is simple and you can see a lot of detail.

One I can recommend is http://www.model-space.com/gb/hms-victory-cross-section-full-kit.html

Easy instructions and a good looking model.


All the best.


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If you want to get started in working with wood and building a wooden ship model, I recommend you build something like a Chesapeake Bay small craft. If the model of the Chesapeake Bay flattie is still available, I would start there. Another choice would be a San Francisco scow schooner. You don't want to overwhelm yourself in learning to work with wood while you're learning all those shippy things like fairing.


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Hi Gents, thanks for the tips. We live in Germany, so i'm searching on German sites. Here is one I found that fit your descriptions for an easier first kit:







Or (not a ship):




I was thinking the barn might be a good way for her to start working with wood, since its easy. Basically she just wants a project to work on with her hands and as we live in an apartment these models are the most convinient. Then after she completes the barn perhaps she'd be ready for a ship.

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I'll offer two links...


The first has some articles on what to expect and how to select a kit:  http://modelshipworldforum.com/ship-model-plans-and-research.php


This second one has several articles on basic tools along with one article on tools not to bother with:  http://modelshipworldforum.com/ship-model-materials-and-tools.php

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Ahoy Mate


What I would  recomend is the Model Shipways kit of the Gunboat Philadelphia or another flat sided boat kit with a flat bottom .


It's a flat bottom hull with simple curved shape on bow and stern. !/24 scale,so it's not small,making it easier to work with. Basic building tasks can be learned on this ship without the problems of lots of hull planking. Covers the simple rigging. It has great instructions that go step by step. The Latina kits do this also,but their planking wood is crap and the hull shapes are not for a beginner.


A beginner needs to have success in building,and a typical shaped hull is not the way to start out. I have seen too many hulls with just a couple planks on them where the beginner stopped out of frustration .  most of the planking on this kit is flat,the hull framework is great because of it being a flat bottom.and the wood in the kit is right for the beginner. Basswood. 


This kit is a GREAT Starter kit,I would stay away from the other kits listed above,sorry guy's. Look at it from not knowing anything about building,then look at the wood type,hull shape,instructions,skills needed to make it. You need to crawl before you walk,and a flat bottomed kit in 1/24 scale meets this need.


I had not worked on a wooden ship kit since 1974 when I joined this group at our local hobby shop. I joined them when I saw that they were building this kit. I am so happy that I could start again on this kit because it allowed me to  get back into wooden ship building.Even with all my skills,I could not see starting on a hull that needs intermediate skills to start out with. 


But the kits listed there are more advanced than what a beginner should start with,and be able to complete without having problems. I have been building for 55 years now,a tool and diemaker and have passed on my building ways to our group. This kit was right for all of these guy's. 


This kit can be built at the level you want. Our building group had 8 guy's,most had little or no wooden ship model skills and little ship modeling experience and they all got them completed. Check out our group's blog site at www.woodenshipclass.blogspot.com  You can go back and see all of our builds in progress over the last 4 plus years.


Sorry if I have been blunt about this,but sometimes we tend to forget how basic a first build should be.



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