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Rigging of a 6 pounder French cannon of the 17th century

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My build of Le Cerf is nearing the phase when I have to start rigging the ship's cannons. There are 16 pcs 6 pounders and 2 pcs 8 pounders on the deck, but unfortunately the plans lack completely their rigging. Because of this I wonder if any of you might give me a link or tutorial to show how these are rigged in the correct way.

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You have to rig your cannons as in this photo to the reserve of only one tackle in the back.


The dimensions of the elements are as follows (guns of 6 / guns of 8), real dimensions to scale for your model

- single and double block: 175mm/200 mm

- rope of tackle: diameter: 17mm/20 mm

- breeching: diameter : 32mm/47 mm





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Thank you, Georges.  I am a great fan of ANCRE and your group, so I am sure that you are correct.  I'm just surprised that I had never seen this before.  

Entirely my own fault - I have had a copy of "The 74 Gun Ship" since soon after it was published, and there it is - clearly shown in Fig.197 - but I had never noticed its significance. 

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