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Belated Intro from tornado alley...


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Hey all,


Bulwark here from Oklahoma, watching the twisters go by and oblivious to them because my mind is on this hobby now. :) I have had a great experience here so far. Lots of great encouragement and advice. This helps more than anything to make me want to build things. I've seen some amazing, and mind blowing work here. There is such talent gathered in this site. I am glad to be a part of it. My humble beginnings are in the gallery now and although it is some rough work, I am proud of it. I finished it, and I have two ships waiting to be build: the Bluenose II (AL) and the Red Dragon (AL). I know that I will get all the help I need to make these models come alive. I'm taking a particular interest in fabrication of small ship furniture, such as I saw done by Ms. Galad from Brazil who modded her Red Dragon to have a furnished cabin complete with LED whale oil lamp to illuminate the tiny room, and transparent windows to allow the viewer to see inside. That is the kind of modeler I aspire to be. But it is a long road to such a thing. I don't know if I can manage to get there, but the journey is thing. Couldn't ask for better fellow travelers. 

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    Welcome to the club Bulwark.  I think I know what you mean about tornado alley.  While stationed at Ft. Sill, OK when in the Army in 72, I was in 4 tornados in just my first 2 months there! 

    Concerning your upcoming build of AL’s Bluenose II,  try to get your hands on Ships-In-Scale magazine issues JUL/AUG 03 thru MAY/JUN 04.  It’s a six part practicum by John Earl that has many useful suggestions

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