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Passenger Liner M/V Africa by sailorross - restoration 1:100

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Hello everyone,


I have been trying for about a year to buy this old model of a Lloyd Triestino Line passenger liner….tenacity and convincing that I could give it a new life paid off. Now what to do? Im assuming it is from the shipbuilders, I think it’s made of pewter? And leaded together? It was originally in the Lloyd Triestino offices in Mombasa Kenya then donated to the Seaman’s Mission. It had housings under the hull for lights to light all the port holes. The decks have sagged and the hull has also…. Is this normal? Im assuming the model was made in 1951 or 52 when the ship was built.


Its 63 inches long so should be 1/100 scaleAfrica1.thumb.JPG.9b07d1e6eab048ce53f78fc0c6c9de02.JPG


Any suggestions help and information would be greatly appreciated

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as you can see from this pic the decks have sagged a lot and they had used some sort of simulated wood paper to cover the decks. Im wondering if i could do a plank deck with wood strips? any  Idea as to what kind of metal its made of? looks like lead? is there a lead alloy that would be this stiff?Africa2.thumb.JPG.51b7a98742341fd1c0fc5509ea6ceee8.JPG

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It probably is made of pewter metal. Thus stuff was popular in the old days, although probably considered environmentally unfriendly nowadays.

I would try to remove the main decks and rebuild them with wood. A good quality plywood glued with some epoxy (2 components) would likely work with the original model.

This is going to be a labor of Love but obviously, you love that ship so it should be very fulfilling.


Keep a Repair-log and publish it in this thread.




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 I agree with Yves.  The deck would have been wood sheathed because of the accommodation below, so removing the existing deck and replacing with wood, narrow planked of course, would seem to be the way to go. 

You've also got some detailed work to do on the cargo gear and that should be interesting. 

I hope you'll keep a log going here.  I'd like to see how you get on (and maybe pinch a few ideas from you for my own build!)


Good luck,


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Looks like she is in need of some serious TLC, a little clean up and repair.:piratetongueor4: can you post some more pictures showing the hull? Unfortunately pewter stretches under its own weight, you will need to cut the decking away a section at a time and add bracing when replacing the decking with wood. Not knowing the alloy will be a challenge and using a hot knife may be the best alternative to cut away the sagging deck. Cut close to the hull joints without damaging the hull and then sand up to the hull with a small course drum sander. This can be a great fun project to restore. Too bad we do not live closer together.

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Thanks for all the input, Im home at the moment and the model is aboard the cargo ship that i work on.... in the Indian Ocean. Will be going back aboard in 3 weeks. Im looking at wood strips for the decking and thinking  1/32 thick x 1/8 wide strips?? and would the boxwood have the finest grain?


Thanks for the help



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