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Naval Cannons, 1800 era

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Many are a form of Quaker, or dummy. The ports being just cavities with the Quaker in place, some models have model guns in place. You will find a wide spectrum of materials and numerous rigging arrays. The answer for this one is, it depends, it depends on the modeler, his skills, available materials and the modelers wishes.



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The Caldercraft kits use the full gun. The only company I can recall that did not (and I dont have familiarity with that many...) is the plastic Airfix Victory which certainly used the cannon end on the lower deck guns on one of the earlier models.


In any decent kit you can look through the gun embrasure and it would look strange not seeing the gun. On my Diana for example you can see a lot of the lower deck guns by looking through the hatches on deck as well on that kit I made the cannons up and rigged them even though they would only be partially seen it would be enough..


If spending the time scratch building then I suspect there is even less reason to 'simulate' the guns.



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If you are building an Admiralty style model, that is with no rigging, and want to display the model as was done like the old models 200 years ago, they usually show no cannon at all.  Rigged models do show the guns for the most part.   But, it is totally up to you.  I have not rigged a war vessel since 1978 but stop when it is similar to the Admiralty style, no masts, no lines. Even so I do rig a few cannon on each deck as I just like to show some and most people expect to see some armament. I close the lids on most of the other ports and am done with it.  If you go this route, you can build a deck of sorts at each level to hold a few or all the cannon. Those on the lower decks need not be rigged as this cannot be seen.  Up to you.  If you are rigging the model,  most if not all the guns would be shown if you want to have a look similar to the old models, but again, we have choices and there is no wrong way, traditional or not.  Enjoy the hobby, that is the most important thing.  




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Allen, nice pictures. Noticed in your second photo that the gun ports are opened and pulled back against the solid hull, there is one that looks like it was intended to be fully opened and held against the Chains like the rest are at the Chains it's ropes may have stretched over time or there is a hull feature it is against that can't be seen. Having some experience with Muzzle Blast and it's effect on loose as well as securely anchored  items within it's area, I know that Gun Port Covers hanging out from the ships side suspended from ropes have always shouted wrong to me. Muzzle Blast from full charges would have sent those covers to swinging back against the Hulls and then the vacuum caused by the air rushing back would have brought them up back to the limits of the opening ropes, soon destroying their hinges, opening ropes or the covers themselves. Agree that showing all the guns, none or some is optional, Gun Port Covers with the Guns ran out should be opened and held against a Hull surface or other solid component of the hull when accuracy and reality is the intent of the build. Bet tradition over shadows reality of the effects of muzzle Blast and the methods needed to avoid or minimize the damage caused by it. A vessel at anchor and with boats alongside on Boat Booms might have their Gun Port Covers suspended from their opening ropes to shed rain or direct sun light away from an open port being used for ventilation.

jud  :pirate41:

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