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What software would you guys recommend to model a vessel? I would like a free one that I can also print off the patterns for parts off of full sized. In other words, once the ship has been modeled, I could print off her full lines drawings and other pieces as required. does such a thing exist? For mac, just to make it more complicated.


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DesignCad 3D is a good program and doesn't cost a lot.  I picked up one that was an earlier version for less than $20 on eBay.  I don't know if it will work with a Mac but you can get a Windows emulator for the Mac that can run this software.

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Check out Onshape, it's free, cloud based, 3D, Mac, PC, Android or iPhone. Easy to learn, plenty of tutorials, and help forums. I've been using Onshape exclusively to model my 74 gun ship (since I don't have access to Solidworks anymore) with good results. 




 I pretty sure this link will let anyone on MSW have a "view only" of my model without having an Onshape account (left mouse click to rotate the model using PC) Also, I think the link is time sensitive but I'm not really sure.




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