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Thanks to everyone! Seems that each one of us has a different opinion / method. I've raised the question as I found out in some posts that some people tend to avoid using balsa but was not sure why. Definitely pine and basswood offer much more support but it also requires heavier sanding. 


Since my filler is only used for additional support/shaping of the bow/stern and I am a bit lazy I will stick with balsa :) 

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Balsa wood has been used for decades as construction material for model airplanes. Also in very thin strips. And they are only glued together without any other fasteners, and still the constructions are/were very rigid. Filling blocks used in shipmodels are solid wood, much more stronger than thin strips, so I don't know any reason why they couldn't be used. And as Roks82 said, they are much easier to sand as heavier wood.

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