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Rigging Instructions 1/96 Revell Constitution

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I currently have 3 kits of the 1/96 Revell Constitution.  The original was started by my Father prior to his passing that I have recently pulled out to finish.  The other two I have picked up for missing and / or extra parts in the build (warpage, etc).  What I didn't expect to see was the difference in rigging instructions.  The good news is that essentially they say the same thing, one set goes about it more verbally while the other set is more visually based (this set also had separate sheets for with or without sails).  I provide the following comparisons:



I actually see them as complimentary, though I give the edge to the (I believe older) set that is more visual.  Drawing out each mast separately keeps the whoops factor minimized.  Just throwing this out there for other 1/96 Revell builders for their information.



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I think Revell instructions got cheap as the years went by. It may help you to find supplementary instructions from a more sophisticated set of plans. Some of the rigging parts may have to be replaced or modified. I'm thinking of the deadeye arrangements and the pre formed ratlines.  Bluejacket Constitution rigging plans are very comprehensive and may help you out if you can find a set or buy them from Bluejacket if they are not too dear.

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I agree they are newer versions.  Just interesting that they occupy really the same real estate (same size paper) but for some reason it was decided to modify how presented. 


I believe the instructions are adequate for the model as built.  Giving a heads up to people getting this kit of the differences out there. 

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Interesting change.  This was the ship that started my hobby.  I ended up rigging the model in much more detail than the kit using other sources, but always went back to check against the kit instructions because of their clarity.  Still think this is a great model kit.


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In my last Revell Constitution I replaced wood deadeyes and rope lanyards, rope shrouds and ratlines and fabric furled sails. She sits proudly in my brother in law's office.

There aren't but two options: do it FAST, or do it RIGHT.


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So much to build, so little time!



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I will add a pic of something this is a better thing added in the newer instructions - Belaying pin identification.  The older instructions just have numbers shown on which pin to attach to.  The new ones have the same, but a separate breakout that identifies by name what is what.


There are two pin out diagrams for the upper works.  The above shows one of each.  There are a total of 219 attachment points identified between the two diagrams.   -Mark


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In the original post, in the second and third pics, the instructions on the left are the older set. The copyright date of the older set - 1966 - can be seen under the "Standing Rigging" title. The copyright date 1976 can be seen on the newer set in the lower left corner of the "Lifts" diagram. 


In the pic of the belaying pin diagrams, the lower Plan is the older (I have them from the kit I purchased in 1968) and the copyright date 1976 is visible in the upper Plan. 


So ... the rigging plans got better, but the belaying plans got worse?



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Hello--I have become thoroughly confused by the newer instructions for my 1:96 Revell USS Constitution I have been working on now for close to two years, my first tall sailing ship model. Was wondering if anyone might be familiar with the newer instructions--BOOK 2--that could help me figure out what rigging steps I need to do to complete my model.  I'd like to be able to put some sails on it, but not necessarily all sails on it, but still debating that.  If someone more experienced than I am can offer me some advice, I'd be very grateful.  Man, I am lost!!!


(From Book II of the instructions that came with the Revell kit:)

STEP 13-STEP 18 -- Running Rigging

STEP 19-STEP 26 -- Running Rigging

STEP 27-STEP 33 -- Running Rigging With Sails

STEP 34-STEP 41 -- Running Rigging With Sails


Oddly, the rigging diagram showing where the lines attach for STEP 13 is identical to STEP 27.  The other two are different from each other.  Each of the above steps has a ? before the title, which is Revell's way of usually indicating an option. If I want to rig my ship with sails, do I skip the steps marked Running Rigging and go directly to STEP 27 Running Rigging With Sails?  


Thanks for any advice!   TERRY

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Running rigging can be roughly broken down into two parts: that which controls the movement and support of the yards and that which controls the sails.  The rigging instruction sections will be nearly identical with respect to the lines which control the yards.  Every yard will have halyards, lifts, braces.


The differences will become apparent when you consider the sails.  Sails are controlled by sheets, tacks, clews, bunt lines and leech lines.  Fore and aft sails have uphauls and downhauls.  Depending on which sails you choose to model will determine which lines you can exclude from your plan.


I hope that makes things a bit clearer.





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After starting the 1/96 Constitution model around 40 years ago i am now finishing up adding the for and aft staysails.    I have a large sheet of instructions for adding the sails and running rigging.    does any one have a set of instructions that show the standing rigging specifically the stays.   The way I have it built many of them run forward to a block then up or down the mast.    I can take and post pictures later.

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