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Mahogany Marvels by GPR

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I'd like to bring to your attention a few marvelous mahogany boats built by GPR (aka Greg R.). The build threads are on R/C Groups (links below), and indeed the models are operating, and built in the large scale of 1:8.

But they also stand as examples of the research that can go into such models, and the high standard of detail, which is NOT exclusive to a model being operable.

In each case, few or no plans exist for the subjects. Greg needed to visit the originals, work with current or previous owners, and then work out his own plans.


Folks who visited the Manitowoc show a couple years ago will have seen two of these models; Evangeline is new.


Evangeline, Henry Ford's Hacker



Lockpat II













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Pat, they are my kind of models. Not for me the Nelson ships with their ugly shapes and old crock appearance, but I'm the same with veteran cars and 'bikes!  Those models are beautiful. I cannot understand what's NOT to like or why anyone would elect to make a dull old tug when they could have a mahogany and chrome beauty. My current thinking is they like 'em well enough, but can't face the metalwork or getting such a fantastic finish on the woodwork. I love doing both. It's damned paint I hate!

Notice mine is the only response so far.


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These really are beautiful builds; I wonder how well they hold up in brackish water? 

On 5/2/2020 at 5:15 PM, M.R.Field said:

why anyone would elect to make a dull old tug when they could have a mahogany and chrome beauty

Haha this made me laugh out loud because I think tugboats are really neat 😂, not beautiful like these though.

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3 hours ago, Patrick Matthews said:


Yes, this site remains "sticks & strings" even though it aspires to be all-inclusive. Most of those modelers wouldn't even bother with this dim corner of the site. 


Perhaps.. this seems to be more used as a Q&A area.   Look in the Scratch Build area.  If you want to search that area, just use the keyword "Radio" and you should kit a list of all the builds.   

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Beautiful models and wonderful craftsmanship!


The first picture, one of the Lake Tahoe boats?, is an interesting demonstration of  scale effect.   As the size of the model decreases relative to that of the full size prototype the water appears to be more viscous.  Back in the day when they used models in movies to depict sea battles it appears that the ships are sailing through a sea of molasses.


Of course, the viscosity of the water does not change, but the interaction of the boat with the water changes as the boat becomes smaller relative to the prototype.   To overcome this effect the model would gave to be traveling at a speed equal to the prototype speed multiplied by the scale factor; eg. If the model is built to a scale of 1:12 to have the same effect on the water’s viscosity it would have to be traveling 12 times as fast.



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